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I love hockey fights, but that was sad. Just starting the game out with all the bum players fighting is not strategy, it's pathetic.

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If you look at Dark Souls and think "This doesn't look that great, I don't get it" then you probably shouldn't, cause you probably won't like it. I bought it for $6 anyways and am still wondering why.

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I cannot remember for the life of me how I ever ended up here. I think I saw a comment on some Gamespot video that sent me over here? It might have been the Endurance Run but I'm not 100%. I just remember playing Oblivion on my brand new Ps3 (3 years after release) and watching Quick Looks at the same time in my dorm room.

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But ultimately I'd be most interested in Square making a Dark Souls type game, there's no reason every JRPG that isn't Final Fantasy shouldn't be Dark Souls.

That statement? What? How? That would literally be the worst thing to ever happen to video games.

No hyperbole.

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I don't really even like the current Square-Enix team even making RPGs, so I'd love for them to stay away from my favorite game of all time. They already failed the first time they tried.

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@davidwitten22: Bottom right girl. Anyways belly button censorship was just an off the cuff comment. I just meant that Nintendo is the same company that is stupid enough to censor a tiny bit of skin, because apparently North American kids can't handle it. As an adult who still enjoys playing these kinds of games, it really pisses me off when Nintendo feels the need to censor anything. I want it as Japan had it, just translated into English.

Fair enough I suppose. I agree that censorship is bad, but half naked little girl fairies is bad too.

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@darji: That's not going to be the North American cover. I highly doubt it. This is Nintendo we're talking about... The same retarded company that felt the need to censor Bravely Default because apparently North American children can't handle belly buttons.

Don't see any belly buttons censored here.

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And the gallery has spoken. And they are correct. You can get a cheap premade at a bad Electronics store that would perform better than that.

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Woah guys, this game made by former CoD developers sure does look a lot like a CoD game. Also, doesn't The Last of Us look kinda like Uncharted?

I'm not remotely interested in this game but even I find this thread really unnecessary.