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I still can't get into it on the PC so I suppose I wouldn't. I don't think I'm the target audience for this question though.

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That article couldn't have said less about the actual game if it tried. Will it be like Dragon's Crown? If by that you mean people will argue about it and it'll get some buzz and then it'll fizzle away a few weeks later... then yeah, maybe. I don't really think it matters. It doesn't seem any worse than lots of other Japanese and Western games that have been coming out.

Edit- actually he just linked us to page 2. Page one actually talks about the game.

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@turambar said:

In a game where Ken exists, lets not say things that we'll regret.

Keisuke has Ken beat.


Also that girl from Persona 4 in the band club who no one knows the name of because EVERYONE CHOOSES DRAMA.

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They have literally no other ideas for content.

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I'm pretty unhappy about all the stuff that just happened. That 4th down punt fake with 20 seconds left was completely classless, as should be expected by a Harbaugh. I'm sad my Panthers lost but I feel slightly consoled by the fact that they would lose to Seattle anyways. Can't wait for Seattle to beat up on San Fran next week!

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There's a couple of 2D Metroid games for handheld, you should play those for sure. If you haven't played Fusion or Zero Mission yet then that's great, because that's two more 2D Metroid games that you have yet to experience! But I do agree that its weird that they haven't made a 2D Metroid since 2004.

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The Rock. My evidence being that The Rock is one of the greatest movies ever made, which is a proven fact.

I agree with this and will add the first National Treasure movie as second place. Nic Cage is a tiny bit underrated cause everyone assumes he sucks. He's not that bad (sometimes... Wicker Man was bad).

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I don't know exactly what the km/mile conversion is, but I don't go more than 10 miles over (only 5 miles over if limit is less than 45) very often. And when I do I know I shouldn't and am taking a risk. it's usually early in the morning/late at night on highways though.

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They should completely start over. I wish the Silent Hill developers would do the same, but that's a discussion for another thread.

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It was probably Duck Hunt but I'm not 100% sure. I know the first one that I owned was Pokemon Red for the Gameboy (I had a Gameboy pocket).