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Hard to believe that this isn't a joke, but it seems like it isn't...

Man, I feel so badly for all of his survivors, especially his wife who he just married very, very recently. We don't know the cause of death, and I don't think we really need to. Ryan gave a lot to the site and I personally experienced much joy due to his contributions. He will be very missed.


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I don't think you can really make a "bad" decision here. But the best one would be Alan Wake in my very humble opinion.

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rhythm games, no doubt. I wish I was better at games that I enjoyed a little more, but coming from a music background I've gotten pretty good at most rhythm games before I even pick up the controller.

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Starcraft Brood War, in my opinion

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Nice to see Injustice and MK9 showing signs of having a healthy tournament life ahead of them.


As much as I dislike MK it's shown up at EVO for 3 years. It's done better than most were expecting it to.

@snail: I'm not into Smash, but I remember tripping being one of the things that really bugged that community. Your character has a completely random chance to fall over if you dash, change directions and sometimes even when using a smash attack.

I'm not super involved in the scene, but I do dabble in a decent amount of Melee so I'll try to give as good of an explanation as I possibly can. Tripping is definitely one of the aspects of Brawl that made it less popular with players. It added a larger degree of randomness which competitive players absolutely hate. Brawl is a slower paced game than Melee and is viewed by the public to be less balanced.

From a spectator perspective, matches take longer and few of the characters that were popular in Melee are used in competitive Brawl. Melee is a vastly more popular game for the reasons stated above, and also because many spectators deem Brawl to be nothing but a game dominated by MetaKnight mirror matchups. While that's not entirely true, there are certainly a lot of benefits to playing as MK (he has really great recovery, easy and flexible combos, nice damage output while not being too light to go flying, few bad matchups, decent edgeguarding, etc) and MK is a very popular pick.

Coming from spectating Melee to spectating Brawl is a less extreme version of going from watching UMvC3 to waching SFxT. Brawl is slower, has less of an opening for "high-skill" characters such as Fox, and just isn't as enjoyable to watch for most spectators, especially those who became used to the fast paced, high damage, heavy edgeguarding style of competitive Melee.

Check out a Smash channel like ClashTournaments if you want to find some VODS to check out competitive Melee and Brawl. It's a pretty good chance to watch a few matches which will help you notice some of the differences from a spectator standpoint. Also, there is a Brawl mod called "Project M" which is an effort to make Brawl play more like Melee. Looking here will show some of the "features" that they added to change the way Brawl plays to make it more like Melee.

Overall Melee is just vastly more popular, both in terms of spectating and in the number of people who play it. Even though I'm certainly not an expert (since I watch very little Brawl) I hope tihs gave you at least a general idea :D

Also to raise some Melee hype, here's an example of how to play the Fox v. Marth matchup.

In the words of the caster (about 200x...)... Swag.

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That's great that you like the Xbox One and that you tihnk it will be better. NO ONE CARES!!! Why do people here feel compelled (especially Xbox people) to post big long rants about why they like the console they like. That's super that you like a console, no one else cares. Buy your console, play it and enjoy it, and allow others to play and enjoy what they like. Shut up.

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The wording of the whole thing is important. Because Brad chose to call it a step backwards is ok important. It's insulting to the rather large group of people who have spent an awful lot of time playing and enjoying LoL. Sure, it's more complex in some ways, but am I to understand they have no runes or masteries? Isn't that less complex?

I have to say, runes and masteries in LoL is the #1 thing that I hate about League. Being a lower level, or spending your IP on buying new champions instead of buying new runes (and to be honest in order to have optimized rune set-ups you need more than 2 pages, which requires spending real life money) puts a player in a disadvantage before the drafting phase even begins. I absolutely hate that. If all the runes, masteries, and champions were free it would make the game balanced outside of competitive games (because obviouvlsy tournament games have everything unlocked). But that will never happen because of $$$. LoL is a fun game though, runes and masteries are just completely stupid though.

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These threads always end badly, as all LoL vs. DotA 2 threads do. DotA is arguably much more complex, has greater strategical depth, and has a much fresher metagame. I went from LoL to DotA 2 and find DotA 2 to be a much deeper and better game, but that's just my opinion man. People should play whatever game they have more fun playing, regardless of whether or not I agree with their choice. DotA is the one for me, but it isn't for others.

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I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I am very excited and can't wait for EVO!

The Smash community is really showing up for this one, what an insane amount of competitors for this event! Friday is stack with Finals for some underrated games, but the real blockbuster day is of course Sunday. Hoping for some more Divekick and another KOF finals to rival last years finals, which was the catalyst that brought me into fighting games and caused me to preorder P4A.


Also holy shit, SFIV seeds list is the most stacked list of players I've ever seen. Some really great players aren't going to make it to Ro32 because there's just not room for enough of them

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The PC version of this game is $20 or something now on Amazon with all the DLC included and I wanted to know how much more graphically intense this game is than the original. Gearbox of course didn't release a demo so I can't test if it will work on my laptop (and sites like systemrequirementslab always say that I can't run games that I can), so I wanted to know how it compared to the original. I can run the original on low settings, would my computer be able to handle this.

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, 2300 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB

Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics (normally the problem with games, and why I fail all my "Can I Run It" tests)

If companies just released demos this wouldn't be an issue, but they don't so instead I'll turn to you guys. Thanks!