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hahaha oh Jesus that Maniac trailer was disgusting. I have to watch it now.

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Those black ops numbers posted are very inaccurate. Valve don't release steam sales numbers, but they have said that Portal 2 sold more on PC than it did on consoles.

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Hey guys, I was reading RockPaperShotgun, and found a post about this Indie horror game called Tower22. It's only a very small team creating it, but what has been shown seems very impressive. In most scenarios, the furthest an indie horror game gets in development is some concept art, and overly ambitious game mechanic ideas. In this case, however, the team has shown they have experience, both in game development, and the horror genre. Here's a trailer:

The team also have a blog at: http://www.tower22.blogspot.com/

From reading their blog, the studio sounds very small, and they are still collecting people to make a well rounded team before they actually start game content. I think talent like this deserves attention, they have had an influx of traffic to the site because of the RockPaperShotgun article, and sound very excited. We should support them by showing our enthusiasm :)

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The art style in Bravely Default looked really great. Also, I didn't see the Fatal Frame spin off mentioned in the article. Looks like it will use augmented reality stuff.

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Awesome :) Nintendo really did this the right way. Glad I was an early adopter, I haven't played Metroid Fusion yet.

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Seems way too good to be true. I can see the first 2 Metal Gear Solid games coming to steam because they had actual PC releases. I really don't see 4 happening though.

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Why are people getting excited about this? It looks like they started making a crappy DS game, and ported it to 3DS.

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Hot sure if this one's been posted yet, but this is an indie metroidvania style game, from memory I think it lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours, but it is a lot of fun.