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I just put this recipe together on IFTTT. Its super simple but i've really enjoyed using it. Essentially it just sends a notification to your android wear watch when a new giant bomb quick look is posted. It might just be the most useful thing this slab on my wrist does right now.

Link below if anyone would like to use it.


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Im looking for a Dota 2 league as well if anyone has one. Relative noob but want to investigate the compendium

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Durham, United Kingdom

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Ive been wrestling with picking this up so much recently. May be time to pull the trigger now multiplayer is almost here.

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Great article. The negative reaction is expected but i feel its without thought. Bottom line is Oculus have the means to achieve their goals now.

People hate his deal because they hate the product facebook offers, facebook itself. That is the wrong way to look at it. Facebook as a company is what people need to think about here, and that company will be nothing but an enabler for Oculus.

Just because facebooks primary product has become uncool and the target of much hate doesn't mean the company Facebook is a bad owner for Oculus.

I hate the modern MINI cars, it doesn't mean i hate BMW's. One company can have many products and many successes and failures.

Allot of the backlash has been to do with myth and conjecture. At no point has it been claimed you will need a facebook account to use a rift (Palmer himself rejected the notion). The only things we are sure of is the following.

Facebook will leave oculus to do what they plan to do.

Oculus can now sell Rifts at cost...No VC was going to let that happen. Facebook will play the long game here.

Oculus can now get the custom built components they wanted. This deal will lead to a better Rift. No doubt.

I've heard people say "fine, but why not Apple, or Google" Google are a wonderful company, as are apple. But both have a magnificent history of buying companies and talent stripping them. Motorolla for one.

Facebook wont do that. They need Oculus in ten years time as much as Oculus needs them now.

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Is there any sort of UK version of GB race night? Id love to take part in these but the time difference makes it almost impossible what with work etc.

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@spaceinsomniac: Personally i think its the Devs right to do with their game as they wish. If they feel its a game they only want played locally then that's their choice. They will sell less copies but they have stayed true to their vision.

Us gaming fans are quick to shout at devs when they sell out so i don't think we can complain when a dev says "i want the game i have created to be XYZ" and the game is XYZ.

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I wish this would come to PS4 so very much. Im almost tempted to pick up a vita for it. Which is insane.

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I think its either EVE or WOW. Im not sure which though.

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I think each episode should be reviewed. Reviews offer a timely service to a ton of consumers and why wait until 8 months after the initial episodes release to make ti clear you have either enjoyed or hated the game?

I understand a games total vision doesn't come together until the package is taken as a whole but i think that just has to be taken into account when reading episodic reviews. The reviewers responsibility is to inform in a timely manner where possible and individual episode reviews are the best way to do that in my opinion.