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The boyfriend & I played this a fair bit this weekend.  It is highly enjoyable.  Great NIS humor, a bajillion different leveling mechanisms, alternative dungeons and strange strange stories.  AND PRINNIES!  Downloaded from PSN store.

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I'm now getting a 500 error when trying to view my achievements. Maybe this means I'll get my syncing back soon?

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Hail to the King!  So glad to have this game out in the open.  

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So neat to see what Greg's going to be working on.  Hate to lose him from 2K, but glad to see him on this!

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I will note, however, that the 5 star system is interpreted not necessarily as Giant Bomb intends.  MetaCritic, frex, will take a 4/5 and give it the score of 80.   
For reviewers: Objectivity is the most important thing.  While I don't want a fanboy reviewing a game, I also don't want a hater or someone unfamiliar with the genre to review a game.  Someone who never plays sports games, by choice, should not be a sports game reviewer. They don't have enough of a basis for comparison, in terms of what that type of game has accomplished or not.  Someone who never plays a Tower Defense style game should not review Pixel Junk Monsters, as they will be largely unable to tell where the roots are, the fobiles and actually explore the full extent of the game.   
That said, a game should be enjoyable to people who don't know all the gory details.  I don't have quite the level of reference that Brad did on the overall Metroid franchise, but I do think that i could review The Other M and do it justice, having played a small amount of Super Metroid (years after release), Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Shadow Complex, and the Metroid Prime series.  So, I could comment on the gameplay and a little of the roots, but I would not have understood the importance of   the word "Tourian." 
So, I would say a review needs to be familiar with the genre, franchise, but hopefully not so steeped in it that they have a major bias and not a natural hater.  

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I'm actually interested in the Shuffled Row Game. May have to get for my Kindle.  I don't think the Kindle is a gaming platform nor should it try to be, but a word game seems like a perfect fit.  

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Who does then?  The mods or the staff?

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I wanted to add a recent Bomb Interview with a Person to their Page and I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.  I can see the Video link, but I can't edit that part of the page and the main person entry doesn't seem to have a video addition that I can find.  Am I just too low on the point system or is there a way and I'm not seeing it?
The person in question is a producer and the video was an interview with said producer at E3.

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I'm very confused by this whole thing.  But I want to kill some Zombies.

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@Jeff:  I played this at E3 (and did the Lady Gaga song too).  I fell in love.  This is the game I didn't know I wanted and I'm thrilled that it is coming out.  My wallet is slightly less thrilled and my boyfriend is leery.  I think he's plotting a 2nd story apartment as I type.