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Get in shape. Release my first solo album. Release my next game(s). Be more socially active.

2013 was the first year where I actually managed to finalize two "New Year's Resolutions" I set for myself, so hopefully 2014 goes the same.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

9/10 - Amazing movie! Highly entertaining.

And since I watched this one on the same day...


9/10 - Mindblowing movie. Brain f-ing at its finest with good acting and a really interesting story to boot.

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@thuggish: I did.

LG Bedroom TV: Crackle + Distortion
LG Living Room TV: Crackle + Distortion
Samsung Monitor: Very low crackle, no more problems
Samsung TV: No problems at all

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Getting this problem again, and cleaning the disc is doing nothing this time. After the initial boot (the splash image) it stops doing it and works fine afterwards. I might take it to the store I bought it on monday so they can test it there and decide if they replace it or what. Anyone have the same problem?

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@cgodoy93: Nothing new. I just turn on the PS4 and wait a few seconds before turning on the TV and I have no problem. It only happens on the TV that's on the video, and on my living room TV (same series, different models). It does happen on my monitor, but the sound is fine, and the crackle is a lot lower (kind of like the normal PS3 / 360 "crackle" that happens when the TV starts receiving the signal - I guess, I'm no expert), and on my other TV (most recent) there is no problem whatsoever.

So yeah, I would say it is the TVs and not the PS4s, but keep a close eye (or ear) on it.

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@justin88: You can lurk around game engines forums and propose your idea and might get lucky and find some people willing to help you out, but I highly doubt it. When people are devoting their free time into a project, it must be something that is equally theirs, of course there are exceptions.

I was on the same boat as you around 3 years ago. All game development experience I had was toying around in RPG Maker and making some (very) basic scripts following tutorials. I decided to learn programming and well, 3 years later I have my first short game out and am already working on two other games (one alone and another with a friend). It's no easy task, but it's possible. I used the UDK by the way since I was doing an horror game, shadows were really important, and the Unity Pro license is too expensive for me as of now. Maybe in the future.

I might have good news for you, GameMaker Standard (50$ license) was free a couple of days ago, I managed to grab it, but apparently some people are saying it has expired, but try it out: http://gamemakerblog.com/2013/11/25/gamemaker-studio-standard-edition-is-currently-free-50-value/

Follow some tutorials, get on with the community, you might find some help there. Unity community is indeed very helpful, UDK community is at times a bit judgemental and apparently afraid of sharing knowledge (at least that is the experience I got), and I don't know how the GameMaker community is, but I bet it's pretty good.

Good luck!

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Well, I didn't think it felt "empty" per se, as it has been said, the AI is fun to play with. But then I actually managed to play some events with other people, changed to Cop Career and managed to smash some players into the wall and after that it did feel a bit "empty" when I couldn't get together with other people for events.

It feels alright though, but I surely hope they up it to 12-16 players as there is a lot of map to cover.

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I've been playing for around 2 hours and a half now, and I just lost around 715,400 SP (yes, I was going for the achievement). It kinda like, hurt. This game is intense.

What was the most SP you ever lost?

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@seppli said:

I had some buggy sound in BF4, and after BF4 crashed, the audio coming through the optical cable to my wireless headphone driver unit cackled. Switching from DTS to Dolby Digital and back again resolved it. The sound that went to the TV via HDMI was fine all the time.

More complex technology. More possibilities for something to go wrong. I usually don't sweat it, and mostly problems resolve themselves - as in *Have you tried turning it off and on again*.

Yeah, I guess it's not enough to e-mail the fire department. Yet.

I also have some weird (very, very quiet) crackles very randomly when playing some games, but upon listening to recordings on YouTube, it seems to be "normal". Maybe it's something waiting to be patched up.

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@repeater: Yeah, same here! I'm just concerned that it might be the console and not the TV, but seeing as you have the same TV and have the same problem, I see it pointing towards the TV, which is a relief. Console is working perfectly otherwise!