I know it's my destiny.

So after a couple of years of contentedly ignoring Pokemon Diamond, and half a year of halfheartedly slogging through Pokemon Neil Diamond, a few weeks ago I was seized with a relapse of Pokemania.  So I went back to playing both games again, and I even broke through my previous roadblock on Diamond, Sunyshore City Gym. But it hasn't all been fun and games.
Yesterday, I got frustrated with my Elite Four lineup, and then sank to a new low. I dug my old DS Phat out of storage, recharged it, and used it to trade Pokemon with myself.  In retrospect, I could have gone and hit up one of my siblings for their post-game Pokemon, since I'd already gotten all of the badges on both games, but that would have been cheating!
So I guess until Dragon Quest IX comes out, I'm off the wagon again.

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