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What's worse is that the demise of instruction booklets has lead to the rise of Unskippable Tutorial Levels. Critics can complain all they want about having to read the manual before understanding the game, but at least they'd only ever have to read the manual once, instead of each and every time they replay the game.

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Hey, I told Udina that he'd pay for what he did to me.

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DLC is just part of the hype these days, I guess. Origins had a similar thing going on, with the flash games they had on Bioware's official site. At least most of this stuff is either essentially free (depending on how you value your time), or stuff that you'll get just for buying the game new anyway. My concern is how much will come later, and whether they'll pull the stunt they did with Origins, where a key bit of functionality (having a place to store excess items) was tied to the DLC.