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@Gunner said:
" @cap123 said:
" i hope some research comes out that provides evidence for coke making your penis bigger.  cos i drink a whoooole lot of coke. "
drinking coke... riiiiight, driinking.  Anywho, all the more reason that beer is the best drink in the world. "
Actually if you're refering to c'caine, you've got it backwards. Not only is it hard to get up, but there's-
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 IGN and IGN UK add theirs to the pot of first reviews for "Bomberman 2'
 Don't fill up too much on rockstars and potato chips this weekend yall. ;)
I'm juuuuuust about to commit to a day one purchase... money's tight and their are a billion games to get this year. I can only hope the level design is more 'fun,' for lack of a better word.

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I see it. Totally uncanny.

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no, then you've got yourself a list.
christ, what is it with you infidels?
peace ray i'm out, happy new year to you too. 
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how so? are their any games on that list to 'not look foward' to?
I think it's safe to say there's at least a few more then just him that are anticipating those titles.
would you rather...
1)Alan Wake
2)Heavy Rain
3) God of War 3
4) Mass Effect
5) Bayonetta
6) Battlefield/MAG
7) Splinter Cell
8) Crysis 2
9) Red Dead
10) Dead space 2
cause.. um i think you can do that on your own time. See, i did that off the top of my head, thanks to how much i've been brainwashed on these websites.
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@Luke said:
" Here's my Top 10 List of games I'm looking forward to in 2010, which just feels way more "right" to me personally (and Mega Man 10 is a runner-up :p ): 
1. Super Street Fighter IV
2. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
3. Final Fantasy XIII
4. Super Mario Galaxy 2
5. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
6. Metroid: Other M
7. God of War III
8. Bayonetta
9. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
10. Record of Agarest War
*claps* you're the first with less then 3 games i didn't see coming a mile away.
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@Jeust said:

Let's see about your prediction... :p 

umm, ha, i think i've already said it's title. in like 8 different comments.
sure ill rent mass defect, and im sure it'll get a 9 no doubt. but mafia will get a 10. again, hold me to it. ill suffer shame and ridicule if i have to (let's be fair though...9.8- close enough?)
but i'm goin with the op here; the forgotten under dogs.
and that's fine, i'm just pointing out the obvious that we know man, trust me, we know about those games; everrrrybody and their cat wants them. let's see a little diversity, follow the leader.
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Shit, i thought you were being sarcastic here-

" First of all WHERE THE FUCK IS Super Street Fighter IV?!?!?!??  This is gunna be like the only must required game to be bought by every human being alive in 2010. 

Well that's how i feel about mafia 2, haha. Just goes to show you. realistic fantasies, or fantastic fantasicies, both can be as equally believable although.
and actually man in all honesty, the only final fantasy i've ever palyed was that gamecube one, crystal chronicles. I did quite enjoy that, mainly for the co-op.  same friend that had that game, also had SSTF 2 or something for the superNES and i played it once or twice on a bored day.
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christ, you guys need to broaden your horizons a little bit. Liven it up! download some torrents... beyond videogames. 
like someone said, it isn't like these are small obscure punk bands from the Seattle scene, or local UK bands.
These are MAJOR LABEL bands. Jeez, get off the fucking modern warfare already. 

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@MurderByDeath said:

" @StrongProtector: I'm not particular psyched for any of the games you have listed, sir. 
Now Splinter Cell: Conviction, Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2... those are some titles I'm freakin' interested in. "

yup, you and every other sheep, from here to gamespot, to ign and back
Me too, I want to see how R* does linear.