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I'm having the same problem where the video loads for about 20 seconds and then stops loading the video

  1. I've tried it on 3 different browsers on Chrome (Version, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.0
  2. Adobe Flash player 10
  3. Vista
  4. My internet connection is 10mb/s, my ISP is Virgin Media (I live in the UK), and i'm using a wireless connection 
  5. 42 Gbs left on Hard Drive
You probably already know this but I think it only downloads a certain amount of the file before stopping, when I play the video in low quality it lasts longer than it does in high quality, also videos always stop in the same place.

Also this only happens to certain videos, I would say that at the moment it is effecting around 50% of the videos straight away sometimes when I press 'Ctrl+R' to reload the webpage the video will then work, however this does not fix the problem all of the time.

Another solution that I had was to see if it worked in different browsers, the main browser I use is Chrome (Version, when it didn't work on there I went to Internet Explorer 8 and this worked. However there has been one video it was the Michael Jackson Moonwalker retrospective, it didn't work on Chrome so I tried it on IE 8 and still no luck and then I went to Firefox 3.0 and it didn't work still.

I am probably repeating a lot of stuff that you already know, but I hope there is still some information there that is of use to you, I did have a quick glance though this thread but if there is anything you would want me to test or look at, feel free to send me a PM I will be happy to help, I hope it gets sorted soon, 


Edit: I have tried it on a different Laptop in my house, it connects to the same wireless router as the laptop I have the problems on, I did only have a quick look, but I tried 4 videos and there seemed to be no problems, I was using Chrome as a browser and the OS on that laptop is XP, like I said I only tried 4 videos
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Pick me!

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Yea Pakistan did really well, I don't think many people would have backed them after their opening game against England but they did well.

I really enjoyed the tournament the past fortnight, lots of great cricket was played and now looking forward to the Ashes
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Good stuff, giveaways on GiantBomb.com

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I was just watching the videos on the site and listening to the Bombcast and the crew were talking about Let's Tap and how it doesn't come with a box in the US, but I had a look around and by the looks of it, it comes with 2 boxes in the UK and the game is under £20!

I don't know who makes these decisions but good move by Sega Europe/Sega UK? and it's good that it's still at a budget price.
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@The_A_Drain said:
" Yeah saw this earlier, makes me so fucking happy I always hated the BBFC and the way they carried themselves.Besides, who cares what parents will recognise, it's legally enforced now so parents still have nobody to blame but themselves. That was the whole point of this battle, PEGI will now be legally enforced. "
Aww right that does make sense that this would now make the PEGI ratings legal

But about the parents, apart from the obvious to stop underage kids playing games, isn't that the whole point of rating systems so that parents can decided what their children play?

But yea I agree this makes it better all round
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For those that don't know currently in the UK there are two age rating systems there is the PEGI which is the one that is used thoughout Europe and the BBFC which is the british one, they also do all of the Films and DVD's in the UK as well. The majority of games already are rated by PEGI and there are a few that are rated by the BBFC, puplishers were free to choose either one to rate their game.

There has been calls for a while for the UK to choose just one to make it eaiser for consumers, and the UK Government have choosen to go with the PEGI rating system, even though this is probably better for gamers, I'm suprised that they went for this one.

Because the rating is mainly for the parents and the BBFC ratings are more commonly know by people in the UK because they also do all of the Films and DVDs in the UK so if a parent sees this  they are more likely to recognise as opposed to having this on the box  obviously the parent should still be able to work out that the game is for an over 18 year old but the BBFC one is likely to have more of an impact. Also, as far as I'm aware, if the game has a BBFC rating on the box it is illegal to sale that to an under 18 year old but there is no law on the PEGI ratings. (Like I said not 100% on that one)

But I guess at the end of the day it is better for gamers it will probably mean that less games get banned, it is also a good thing as this will mean that the games industry is self regulated rather than getting the Government involved.

EDIT: With this new law it would make is so if a PEGI rating was at 18 it would be illegal to sale it to an under 18 year old
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Zomibe because I isz like so amazing at L4D I would be well prepared 

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@RHCPfan24 said:
" I need a mic stand or something because there is nothing in my room that can hold it properly. I would love to try it out, only on the songs I have memorized of course. "
You can use your Xbox Headset you know? I'm not sure if it works for the PS3 but it does for the 360