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NBA 2K14 - one of the best sports games I've ever played.

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It would be interesting to how Bobs 'story' would have played out had he started the game 5 years later. That is, in the industry we currently know which accepts indie games (and especially self publishing opportunities) freely, would Bobs game have had much more success?

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Gt: shuuya19

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ID: Shuuya_19

Got Battlefield 4 and Killzone so far, will probably pick up some more games soon and will be playing the F2P games also.

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Shuuya19,various games!

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Hi guys, just couple of questions regarding the Giant Bomb/Comic Vine API's terms of use:

  1. Give credit where credit is due

    On any page you use our data, please link back to us. It's the least you can do to contribute.
  2. Don't redistribute in another form

    Do not edit, manipulate or reproduce on any other medium. Do not use our brand name to promote your work. If you want to use our name, email us.

1) What do they mean by "link back to us"? As in we must create a link to Giant Bomb on every in-app page we create?

2) "Do not use our brand name". Does this mean if we release a mobile app we are not even aloud to use the words "Giant Bomb" in the name? Also are we allowed to use the Logo at all? Because having a giant bomb or comic vine application without their actual names in the titles would make them much less accessible.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi guys,

I am on the verge of picking up a Wii U. One obstacle is that I do not have a TV. I currently use my PC monitor (DVI) for the playstation 3. The current setup is a HDMI to dvi cable from PS3 to the monitor, and then using the red and white parts of the ps3 composite cables from the PS3 to my PC speakers.

I have read that some people have problems applying this setup (in particular, getting audio to work) to the Wii U. Has anybody tried to to do?Thanks in advance.

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