I finally finished a Final Fantasy game!

Despite my RPG luck throwing constant 1 Hit Ko's at me, I just finished my first Final Fantasy. Through having to replay most of the game due to a bad save file, to needing a new TV after my old one crapped out on me, and countless other examples of my luck when playing RPG's, Final Fantasy XIII is done.


The Big Live Live Show, Live

So, I just spent 12 odd hours watching the guys and gals at whiskey media doing all kinds of random stuff. I also registered as a yearly subscriber before this event started. I thought my money was well spent just supporting these guys, and I was getting a sweet looking T-Shirt into the bargin. Then they put on this kick ass live show, alone worth the money spent on the subscription. Hell, I've paid more for MUCH less entertaining stuff (looking at you wresting PPVs). So, to everyone at Whiskey Media, a great big Thank You from me, especially to Drew and Vinny for keeping it all running so smooth. 12 Hours of live streaming and the only problem I had was keeping up with the chat room. You guys kick ass, and will probably never read this, but, doods, you kick ass.
9/9/2010 Never Forget


WWE Wrestlemania Revenge Tour: Sheffield Arena Edition!

WOOOO, just got back from the RAW show in Sheffield and it was AWESOME. Something I've always wanted to go see live but never had the chance too before. The show was incredible, it really is so much better seeing it live.
Quick Card: 
Bret Hart was hosting
Evan Bourne beat Chavo Gurrero 
MVP beat some dood no one knew, which drew a massive "Who Are Ya?!" chant
Hornswaggle beat Chris Masters in the Masterlock Challenge, sort of
Eve Torres beat Maryse to retain her Diva's title
Ted DiBiase beat Kofi Kingston
Sheamus beat Mark Henry
John Cena and Randy Orton beat Batista and Big Show


End of the Endurance Run

Sad to see it go, been watching it every week night for ages. Should really go finish the game myself. Got to the save before the last boss and never actually finished the fight. Probably going to go play WET though, loving that game a ton. Will probably use the none endurance run watching time to do some more stuff around here, thinking about reviewing WET.