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Just FYI to everyone who want to delay watching this feature to play the game on their own, the game really is 75% cutscenes. Just bear that in mind. Me, personally, I would have been okay experiencing it for the first time through Drew and Dan. Your call though :)

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@tits_matador said:

Ugh. I can't believe that Drew is so bad at eating licorice, he's doing it all wrong. I thought Dan was so supposed to be an expert and he didn't even know how to sneak. If they keep showing such blatant unpreparedness in these videos, I'm not going to watch them anymore.

And he still didn't use the codec once!!!!!


Stop telling Drew how to eat licorice. This series is supposed to be about him figuring it out for himself. It's much more fun watching him mess it up and put the licorice in the wrong place over and over again. If I wanted a perfect licorice run, I'd watch it on youtube. Besides, they don't even read the thread anyway because of all the spoilers.

Btw I can't wait until he comes to the [spoiiler]end of the licorice bag! It's going to be so fucking good![/spoilers]

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I had to leave this to install for a while, but it was so worth it. This is the best video on the site. I'm tempted to uninstall everything just to see the install screen again

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@danryckert Brad Muir called. He wants his smile back. :D

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I don't know if its brand of comedy is for @alex, but I agree with the article blurb for sure. I find it to be a well made Telltale game with a lot more thought put into the writing than anything the core Borderlands games have ever done, and it's coming out way too fucking slow.

I loved season 1 of TWD and had an okay time with season 2. Borderlands is a whole other bag of story telling though. I think I enjoy it more than TWD.

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Still looks cool of course, but didn't you already post this trailer like half a year ago?

edit: I found it http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/here-s-a-new-persona-5-trailer-with-actual-gamepla/2300-9915/

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I hoped this would be Axiom Verge related, but it still looks interesting whatever it is.

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@czarpyotr said:

This is better fucking music than they put in most western game trailers. Would your really rather have wub wub and electronic shit like you get in your creed trailers? Also I think this game looks rad.

I went back and looked at the trailer instead of just dismissing this as an also-ran. The music is the best thing about this.

I think I would've been moderately interested if it was set in the Borderlands universe. Aside from the ugly, stilt leg characters, most of them look like they're straight out of that setting anyway, only from a planet that's not quite as Mad Maxian.

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Oh yeah, this is still happening...

What could possibly go wrong?