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I just noticed that Brad says he's "only one hour in" a lot. Please give him a Dota intervention. He's a good video game man taken from us by Valve.

Also, I'm not sure what I expected from Axiom, but now I'm much more interested in a new console.

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@turboman said:

Hooray Drew is using the tranq gun again!

I really love that torture cut scene, there's so much subtle storytelling through different characters through animation.

Next episode is going to be absolute fucking hell cause it will probably involve The Sorrow. Since Drew murdered so many people, this boss fight will be tedious as fuck. Can't wait!

In the trash cleaning stream, Drew did not want to comment on their newly recorded Snake Eater episode at all because he was frustrated with it. I'm super psyched to see how it went! :)

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I guess I'll watch 2 hours of you guys cleaning 2 years worth of boxes and toys. Welp.

(I am secretly psyched to watch this.)

Uh... Are American cardboard boxes too stiff to stomp flat or something? We usually just step on the stuff we get at work. A lot of them are boxes that fold in on themselves if you look at them the wrong way though, real brittle trash.

Ahahaha, awesome! Drew has apparently done The Sorrow in Snake Eater now. I can only imagine how long that fight was. :)

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Regarding the Shagohad launching from anywhere, but needing a runway. Russia has a number of runways built into its road network for emergency landings and take-offs. I think it's from the cold war era, could be WW2 though for all I know.

I went to St. Petersburg once, and those runways are connected to the normal roads just out in the middle of nowhere like truck-stops.

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Dan, you are in for a treat with your Bond marathon. I did this exact same thing last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I went from being fairly dismissive of Bond movies to being a big, big fan.

In my experience there are two kinds of Bond fans: ones who love Thunderball and hate On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and ones who feel the opposite. I think I know which one you're going to be, but I hope we find out. Sounds like premium podcast material to me.

I think the old Bond movies are kind of indistinguishable from modern parodies of themselves, but there's certainly something to be said about how brazen Bond is in the old movies. Sean Connery tends to just wander right into the villain's compound and let them capture him so he can counter-interrogate them over dinner and bed their mistresses. Connery was a gentleman spy in a whole other class than the rest of the Bonds.

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I've not been indulging in Bloodborne stuff since it won't come on PC anyway, but man... what's up with the low-res textures on that root-stomp with the 4 monsters in it?

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WHAT! you don't bandage burns! the bandage will get stuck in the burn!

I had a small, third degree burn in my palm. They bandaged it after treating the wound. I've no idea what sort of bandage though, maybe it was some special stuff.

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@canteu said:

I dunno about the apologists like. I went from Ocelot to The Sorrow in about 5 hours, on hard, getting the frogs and only using non lethal yesterday. This boss is a joke with the Mosin Nagant, takes about 6 hits to put him down. I can't wait to see how many ghosts are in Drew's river, that's going to suck for him.

How many? All of them. He cleared nearly every area of all their reinforcements. It's going to be like fighting your way through a Japanese subway train in rush hour! :D

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This episode was amazing! :)

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The idea of Drew one and doneing The End but going Grey Fox on The Fury is bizarre.

The Fury is probably the only boss I actively hate hate out all the MGS bosses. He is just not fun. He's either super easy or endlessly frustrating.

I think The Fury goes in the same category as Vulcan Raven and Fatman. All three are maze-runners, and all three are either super easy or really frustrating depending on how you approach the fight.

The Fury scores bonus points in my book for being a pyromaniac cosmonaut.