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What a spectakalar pre-order deal.

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I'm only interested if they upgrade the format into character driven action adventure ala Zelda/God of War or a modern beat'em up like DmC. Oldschool, sidescrolling beat'em ups have no place outside of the arcades.

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I have waited for this moment. Mmmmmmmmm. Yes, it's as good as expected!

I'm slightly annoyed that people still use 2K after they took a giant shit all over Evolve. Microtransaction soldiers in an xcom game went down in video game history as yet another 2K failure, but whatever, they were completely optional.

Anyway, Firaxis knocked it out of the park with the main game and the expansion, and I expect nothing less from them now. It's snakeman hunting season!

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Wait no pc version? F that!

XB1, PS4 and PC.

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I want the 2 million stretchgoal to be Igarashi going into the Konami HQ and taking a big, steaming dump in the middle of it. If they hit 3, they get Kojima in on the action.

No room for Hideo in this narrative.

As much as I like things going well for ex-Konami people, MGS5 soured me on Kojima. I think you can have Metal Gear without Kojima (see Revengeance), but you can't have Snake without Hayter (see the MGS5 prequel).

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The kickstarter went through the roof! Hayter is in! :D

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You had me at David Hayter.

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"Scorched Earth." Konami, 2015

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I used to be way into platformers / coinhunting games, and now I couldn't be more done with them. So I'm curious as to how well this'll go and if that's a shared sentiment.

At the very least, we'll probably get a kickass soundtrack. I still load up the Banjo Kazooie OST every now and then!