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It's a video game. A video game in which disturbing things happen with video game characters. You're supposed to be disturbed by the disturbing things, that is the right and healthy response to a disturbing thing.

On the other hand, if you don't like being disturbed, don't play it. We as consumers don't need babysitting. Damn it, Australia.

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This was a really scary headline to find on my favourite website. Glad to see GB isn't ending, sad to see Klepek go. Have a good new year, man.

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This is storm in a water jar.

It's non pornographic nudity we're talking about. It's not going to harm anyone, just the notion that it would is way more offensive than those images. On the other hand, the quick and dirty fix is just to shade all the scans into dark silhouettes. It'll still feel like you're intruding on the immigrants' privacy and you'll still have something to try and judge their gender from. So it's a silly thing to get worked up about.

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I can't really say I care any more. I donated, and I got a pretty good documentary out of it. The actual game was not my cup of tea, and the rate at which it's coming out has soured me on Kickstarter.

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According to early beta reports, this is another bag of bugs with a game attached to it.

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Remember to vote for Yoshi's #1 fan.


"Trending gamer" is the sort of terrible label I have no problem with a tween idol from youtube winning. ...or Jeff. Alright, it's on. I'm voting.

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@giant_gamer said:

@forteexe21: i don't think that it's a 2-3 hour game unless you know what to do and you are speedrunning. Overall the game is good, fun to play and provide a great amount of content to replay it.

For its asking price, i think it delivered more than enough.

Sure, but we didn't know that going in. There were 7 or 8 different characters from which you could only pick 3, and we knew they'd have some personalized areas. That heavily implied that we were supposed to play through multiple times. It would've been better received if they had said from the get-go: This is a one playthrough game at about the length of Journey, pick the people you think look cool. Fire and forget. At that point, its only weakness would have been the stiff and slow traversal. There wasn't really anything wrong with the writing or presentation.

I suppose Journey is a bad example because it offered a lot on the second play through. Uncover more of the world, help other players and upgrade your robe. You get the idea though.

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I feel sad for Gilbert. He's had poor luck with games the last thirty years. To say nothing of The Cave.

I don't think making an 80s adventure game is going to help.

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@theacidskull: If you've seen and liked the 90s thriller Fargo, you should look up Puzzle Agent. It's a very silly game in a similar setting.

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There's so many ways this could go wrong, and I'm not convinced Telltale's Walking Dead was not just a lucky hit. Please be good, please be good, please be good.

How can it be a lucky hit? Both Season 2 of the Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us were great games.

I recognize that people enjoyed Wolf, but outside of appreciating its stylish presentation, it did nothing for me. I was up for a little more after the episode 1 cliffhanger, but lost interest once the second episode retconned it.

BTTF and Jurassic Park were lacking. BTTF had its moments, but Jurassic Park was obnoxious.

I find Strongbad and Sam and Max aggressively unfunny. Though judging from all the terrible, American standup on Netflix, I suppose it's a cultural difference. Lee asking "Did you lick the salt block?" and the expression on Clem's face as she pauses before saying "No..." that's funny.

The DLC for Walking and the second season did not deliver. I enjoyed it despite itself in the same way I like David Cage games. I don't think they'll make a season 3, but if they do, I'm not interested.

I think their success with Walking caught them off guard and that they're having trouble recreating it even though they understand what all the individual pieces were. I want to be proven wrong though.

I'm a fan of the Game of Thrones show and would love a good game about it, but there's so many moving parts that have to be right. Not like with Borderlands where you pretty much can't go wrong.

Oh god, I just realized I'm looking forward to Tales of the Borderlands. What the hell is wrong with me?

edit - Just remembered Puzzle Agent. That was quirky and awesome!