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Good on Sony. There's too much publisher specific storefronts and shit.

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't find glitches as novel as I used to do in the past. I'd be more impressed if speedrunners beat games legit like the rest of us.

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No. I want original content. Not a reimagining of what was once a pretty decent movie.

I'll be trying the regular game, but this DLC thing only annoys me.

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Slow news day?

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I don't normally play ubisoft games because of uplay coming ontop of steam, but if steam doesn't get its shit together soon, I might just go straight to the source. The uplay store seems to have all the big games and not all the indie trash.

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Not sure I have it in me to watch a 2 hour Blizzard cutscene even though they've always been the kings of great CGI, but I would go see this if it got the Mario Bros treatment. That could be amazing.

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Realistically, they can't make Persona games slower than they already are at coming to the US / Europe... right? Right? RIGHT!?

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I knew him only through the site, yet it feels like losing family. My thoughts go to his friends and loved ones.

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Sources indicate Microsoft is going to move away from what's caused the company so much headache.

This changes nothing. Flip-flopping on the issue won't make me magically trust them now. They thought that ridiculous thing up in the first place. They'll be looking for a way to put it back in effect post-launch.

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Them firing David Hayder is probably the dumbest thing they could have done.

Well, if it's true that Kojima really wants to get out of MGS and make something else for a change, I suppose this would be a genius way to alienate the half of your fanbase who've been masturbatingly furiously to Hayter's raspy voice without making it glaringly obvious to your producers what you're doing.

Mmmmm, raspy voice. I'll be in my bunk.