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Not sure I have it in me to watch a 2 hour Blizzard cutscene even though they've always been the kings of great CGI, but I would go see this if it got the Mario Bros treatment. That could be amazing.

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Realistically, they can't make Persona games slower than they already are at coming to the US / Europe... right? Right? RIGHT!?

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I knew him only through the site, yet it feels like losing family. My thoughts go to his friends and loved ones.

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Sources indicate Microsoft is going to move away from what's caused the company so much headache.

This changes nothing. Flip-flopping on the issue won't make me magically trust them now. They thought that ridiculous thing up in the first place. They'll be looking for a way to put it back in effect post-launch.

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Them firing David Hayder is probably the dumbest thing they could have done.

Well, if it's true that Kojima really wants to get out of MGS and make something else for a change, I suppose this would be a genius way to alienate the half of your fanbase who've been masturbatingly furiously to Hayter's raspy voice without making it glaringly obvious to your producers what you're doing.

Mmmmm, raspy voice. I'll be in my bunk.

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It's not really getting fired though right? Isn't it more like he wasn't hired for it?

Depends. Some of these guys have contracts to do certain voices. Like that guy what does Mario will probably be voicing Mario for the rest of his natural life and then some. We don't know the details though. He may just have expected to get it because he's the guy.

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Profoundly sad to see Hayter gone for certain. His voice was iconic for that character, and I really liked that character. It'd be like removing Nolan North from Uncharted.

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Hmm. I thought I had AdBlock on.

Oh I guess reporting on a newly announced project is advertising now. Oh wait. It's you. Nevermind. Trolls gonna troll.

Has he ever done an article about a new Kickstarter? Usually they are in Worth Reading, like 10 of them.

They did some articles last year about some of the major ones, including the first one from Double Fine. But the idea that this isn't news when it's made over $300,000 within hours of being put up is nonsensicle.

There are multiple Kickstarter projects that have made way more than $300,000 within the first day and they didn't report on any of those. It's extremely shady that the only Kickstarter news have been of Double Fine. See here: http://www.giantbomb.com/kickstarter-funded/3015-7378/news/ Only active Kickstarter project reported on is this.

You're all missing the point. No site can cover 100% of the relevant stuff that's going on in the world unless they went to just be regurgitating what everyone else is posting. Jeff has said before that GB would be about stuff that interest them and the community instead of just pointing to stuff that's already out.

Double Fine gets the coverage it has got because the community likes the stand-out personalities there, this being a personality-driven website after all, and because they're literally across the street so you don't have to set the world on fire to get a game demoed.

edit That said, this kickstarter in specific is worth bringing up because of the ties to DFA which made more people aware of kickstarter to begin with, and that fact that it seems to be repeating the massive surge of funders that project had.

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If there's one person I don't mind throwing money at, it's BRA:D MUIR.

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They really want that XCOM brand in there, eh?