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Wait no pc version? F that!

XB1, PS4 and PC.

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I want the 2 million stretchgoal to be Igarashi going into the Konami HQ and taking a big, steaming dump in the middle of it. If they hit 3, they get Kojima in on the action.

No room for Hideo in this narrative.

As much as I like things going well for ex-Konami people, MGS5 soured me on Kojima. I think you can have Metal Gear without Kojima (see Revengeance), but you can't have Snake without Hayter (see the MGS5 prequel).

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The kickstarter went through the roof! Hayter is in! :D

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You had me at David Hayter.

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"Scorched Earth." Konami, 2015

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I used to be way into platformers / coinhunting games, and now I couldn't be more done with them. So I'm curious as to how well this'll go and if that's a shared sentiment.

At the very least, we'll probably get a kickass soundtrack. I still load up the Banjo Kazooie OST every now and then!

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Did some basic math for this one after reading stuff from the Workshop FAQs.

Valve and Bethesda takes 75% which leaves the mod creator getting 25% of the revenue but you have to give Valve your tax information and according to Workshop revenue FAQ, the may take 0 to 30 percent as tax. The same FAQ says also that you must earn at least hundred dollars to actually getting the money. This seems highly favorable to the companies involved. You have to be able to sell your mod for 400 dollars to be actually paid and you may still have to pay 30 dollars as taxes from your share. So your 400 dollar sales may actually turn out to be 70 bucks. Which would be 17,5%. So depending on the taxation, creator gets only 17,5 to 25 percent.

"Introducing New Ways to Support Workshop Creators"... yes, but mainly you support big companies and that makes me a bit sad about this.

25-75 split for Steam hosting your mod. Hahaha, no. Fuck that. I'm all for content creators making something off of their content, but this is stupid.

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As interesting as this news is, I expect the Kojima Curse will strike again. The rules of nature will bend as forces beyond our understanding conspire to make Kojima make Metal Gears until the end of time. And every one of them will be his last.

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Have fun making survival sims for the rest of your lives, Star Wars Galaxy killers.

Come to think of it, SWG was a survival sim done right. Huh. Ah well, whatever.

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It's a video game. A video game in which disturbing things happen with video game characters. You're supposed to be disturbed by the disturbing things, that is the right and healthy response to a disturbing thing.

On the other hand, if you don't like being disturbed, don't play it. We as consumers don't need babysitting. Damn it, Australia.

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This was a really scary headline to find on my favourite website. Glad to see GB isn't ending, sad to see Klepek go. Have a good new year, man.