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We are making this happen! No matter what

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Im superhyped tbh :P Considering how fantastic the Witcher series have been I have nothing but high hopes for this game! <3 CDPR

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@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

I was under the impression that there was zero rooting in GW2 except for spells with a pre-cast, but this sounds like something that could definitely affect my enjoyment of melee weapons. I'm really hoping they remove it, as I had enough trouble hitting things with a main-hand dagger on my necro without being stuck in place.

Yeah I know what you mean. Ive always been playin casters before, so now that GW2 is coming I was thinking of switching to a melee character. But not if this will be an issue :S

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@Ertard said:

@Chavtheworld: From the little I tried necro, it doesn't exist on the class at all. Try greatsword warrior next BWE.

Yeah exactly, this is proably a warrior issued, might be on some of the other melee classes but im not sure

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@Ertard said:

They _need_ to fix melee rooting themselves when casting attacks. I hate the feeling of runninng, attacking some dude, using a skill and BAM I can't move and have to wait for an animation :(

Yes yes yes yes! I had the exact same issue, was playing a warrior, and i might be chasing another player. Hit a skill, and then my character would stop, start swinging his sword and then run on. Sooooo effin annoying :S

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Im playing it on Dark atm, just got to Act 2. Its kinda challenging but not too hard. First time I played it i completed it on Hard, but this 2nd playthorugh Dark seems easier than Hard, but thats prolly cause ive played it before

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I have played it 2 times now with a keyboard and mouse, and Id say that navigating the interface is much easier with a mouse. But as for playing the game it very sweet with a controller

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Anyone checking out Dreamhack now that the Arena is having a break? Amazing games and production quality to rival GSL

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@valrog said:

@DBHErazor said:

@WalkerTR77 said:

Just got Witcher 2 this morning and spotted this. Is there any benefit to the assassin attribute? I saw the notification flash up on the screen but I didn't get a feel for what it meant.

Naah, it´s just a funny easter egg =)

You get the Assassin Ability. There's a whole bunch of different character abilities you can unlock by doing "hidden" things.

Oh, I didnt know about that, since I always had the assassin ability before I just sposed it was there by default =)

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