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Man this was a great episode but those last few minutes were tough.

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I'll be here drinking Sun Drop since I drank the last of my beer last night.

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@logicality: If you or anyone else wants to play with me send me a psn friend request and i'd be willing to play today but i'm working tonight and then i'm free the rest of the week!

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Sign me up!

PSN: Dblueguy

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That agreement will never hold up in court and Sony knows it. It's only there as a deterrent for the biggest part of their consumer base which would believe it.

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i restarted a few more times and it put me before the city but in the hotel with no quests...

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@eroticfishcake: xbox 360
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I now have no main quest and am in a building with someone named sergei kletska.

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I was on the quest to take the armored truck to a mechanic but then I quit the game after it auto saved. Next time I load up the game it puts me in the middle of a city called moresby! Is there any possible way to go back? Most importantly, WTF HAPPENED?!