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Awww, a blog from a Canadian appreciating our nation's Bday? How kind of you. :-3

I'm in the same area when it comes to blogging. I don't do it commonly anymore. I just don't know why.

Good blog man! Enjoy your vacation and forgive me lack of commenting.

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i can still really enjoy Warioware Touched you should try that

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That's good news to hear that you will be on your 2nd week of vacation while I start mine so we can talk and play some games of course during that time.

As far as recommendations for the Nintendo DS, theres quite a lot to choose from.  I recommend getting Professor Layton and the Curious Village if you are the kind of guy that likes solving puzzles as its very enjoyable even though some of the puzzles are fiendishly difficult but feels good if you solve them without any help.

Dmrk42's recommendation I agree with since its a great game still for the DS.  You talking about Fallout 3 and the DLC makes me actually go back and actually play through it.  I believe that is one game I will probably regret not giving it the time of day back when it came out.  Might actually start on it this week if I eventually beat Resistance.

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New Super Mario Bros. is a great game.  You can't go wrong with that.

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Have you ever considered a beard? I'm not certain, (Not wearing my glasses at the moment) but I can see a slight five o'clock shadow there.

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I suggest not getting a DS.

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Nice blog...Get Professor Layton! :)

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Bruce: Actually thought of getting a goatee (just the chin one) and yes, that is some five o'clock shadow you see there.  I'm too lazy to shave on weekends.

Mike: You're the only person against the DS so far... how come?

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Oh, man. I'm surprised you don't own a DS yet. I honestly think it might be the best handheld ever. The selection of great games is unprecedented.

Definitely get Chinatown Wars, like you planned. Great game, that deserved more sales. Other than that... God, there are soooo many choices. Well, you can never go wrong with Mario Bros., so New Super Mario Bros. is a really good one.

Good video blog, as always.