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Looking at the competitive bit, but I love everything about MK, so it depends on whether I get a good group to play with. PSN ID is hasibd - used to main Sektor in MK9, loving the look of Takeda and Liu Kang in the new one. That's the plan, though I don't think I've ever stuck with the plan for a main in a fighting game.

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Hey there, if anybody has an Xbox One beta code, please say, thanks!

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I'll be well happy to play a bit - we used to have a pretty big community on here, dunno where they've all gone. I recently got back into it, and am still a bit rusty (and my internet keeps cutting out), but I wanna keep Killroy's essence alive and start playing Abel!

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Yeah, you would think that everybody is in the Netherrealm right now, and somebody will free them, right? If Fujin is in this game, maybe it'll be Raiden that gets everybody out, disrupts the will of the Elder Gods, and thus is replaced by Fujin as Protector of Earthrealm - but something pretty bad would have to happen for Raiden to get those guys out in the first place, maybe Shinnok or Brotherhood of the Shadow invasion of Earthrealm?

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@mowgers said:

Pacific Rim. I think its maybe a little unwise to directly compare the two because they aren't necessarily the same genre. Godzilla is a monster movie (which should be about the monster first and the people second). Pacific Rim is a Super Robot movie (which should be the other way round, humans and their giant robos first, monsters second).

I think this was my problem with Godzilla - whilst it hyped itself up (by the outstanding trailers, the title, and everything else prior to its release) to be a monster movie, I don't think it really was. Godzilla was the good guy, as such - there was nothing really monstrous about him when he was saving our asses. In fact, his sole objective - to kill Mutos - didn't seem to be for anything else but saving us. He didn't gain any predator points for killing them, there didn't seem to be anything of particular gain for him, he just did it. In short, he was just a human being with the capabilities to surpass human power - which is what I think most 'Super Robot' films are like - emphasised by the whole fire-breathing thing, because we needed to give this monster a cool visual means to beat the bad guy. Godzilla's incomprehension of what it really was is what made it thoroughly disappointing for me. So yeah, Pacific Rim is better.

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I thought at first this was some kind of sick joke. As with many celebrities and figures, I always thought Ryan to be kind of...there. I'm not a regular visitor of Giantbomb, but every so often I'll survey over the Quick Looks and the news stuff. It's strange to think that something so core to gaming to me - the whole of the crew of Giantbomb, not just Ryan - is gone. Dave put it in far better words than I ever can. That's how Ryan should be remembered, let's be honest. He may have been full of pearls of wisdom, but you would probably only find them after too many drinks.


Rest in peace, duder.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. A critique I particularly remember is that there was completely no point behind the multiplayer - you might as well be handing controllers around. But it was enough for me and my brother to play through that game and love it

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I've just got the game, but by god does Shazam seem ridiculous. His power trait gives him ludicrous damage, he has a low and high throw (King, anyone?) that he can combo after after burning one meter, his jumping light and medium attacks are insane - both cross up ridiculously well (even his ass his a ridiculous hitbox on his medium attack), with his medium attack being great to combo after and his light attack, with only 2 frames of hit advantage, can make some mental mind-games with his grabs. His damage seems decent (though I haven't seen other characters damage), and his teleport will make zoning much easier. Main right here!

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I mean, you never know. Maybe the guys who left would have gone in, fed the enemy team, and then taken your Couriers to your team fights thinking they were controlling themselves. Teammates can be a hindrance!

Seriously though, it's pretty unfair for you, dude. At least it's better than in League, where they just don't recognise whether somebody has completely disconnected or not.

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I'm a guy who mains support with a bit of jungle on the side. I've always loved Leona (Third character I ever played, behind Yorick and Ashe in the tutorial) because of the active aggression, and Taric for a more passive aggressive lane. Jungling is more fun unless you've got a good (or premade) carry botlane, and as I love characters who are really good but under-repped, Nautilus is probably my most surprisingly favourite champ to play. Or, you know, under-rated, under-played champs like Lee Sin.