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Gamertag: hasibd 
Intermediate (Played SF4, my PS3 died, rusty as all hell) 
I don't really play much with a mic unless it's a large group, because I don't talk that much when I play.

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I would prefer it if they were in a separate mode, but the idea itself-to let you make your character unique in ways that matter-makes sense.

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@StarvingGamer: Is Haggar much better than what he was in vanilla? My PS3 died, so I can't play the game (not that I have the game anyway...)
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Playing this game with friends is invaluable.

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@BoG said:
I've always like French, but as I listen to all of the songs, the clear winner is Spanish. I'm biased, though, being fluent in Spanish. Oh, and English is ugly.
I say Spanish as well, and I think I've only heard five words in Spanish. Oh, and this song: 
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Badman ting
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Pokemon. Everyone at least liked Pokemon as a kid so it has some nostalgic charm. There's zero excuse for liking the other two.

Do you like going with the least popular choice, or is it natural for you? :P 
If I didn't play Yu-Gi-Oh, those hundreds of pounds I put into those decks of mine probably wouldn't be worth it.
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Brie is a cheese.

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Standard argument is that music, literature are some of the arts but not art itself. It's like calling mash sausages because they're both food.

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My mind has been fucked nice and hard, but I bid you welcome.