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Last weekend Kaiju Combat reached its goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter, only to have a 'troll' backer pull out. Over the past couple of days we've managed to get the total back up to $95,000 and there are 3 days to go before we reach the deadline.

In my haste I had already submitted the game page to Giant Bomb because at the time we had hit the target. Hopefully by Friday we'll have reached out goal again.

I'm submitting this post just in case any of you were unaware, check out http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/14214732/kaiju-combat-giant-monsters-awesome-fighting-onlin to find out more!

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Not having to be online to earn achievements would be a good feature.

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The zombies resemble zombies in various movies, so take them out.
The plants resemble plants sold at garden centers, so take them out.
The house and garden resemble my house and garden so take them out.
The fun resembles fun, so take the fun out.
Fixed! I are executive!

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If you're in the UK you can get the Collector's edition for £55 at game.co.uk if you put in this promo code on the basket page: MVC50
The game is already ten quid cheaper and the code does the rest. Not a bad get for an extra £20.

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2:20:38 Peace! :D
2:29:22 Bread-maker speach!

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I'm 2 hours in and Ryan and Dino are foolishly trying to talk about something. It's almost like she dares you to speak. Like the fact you're talking is a confrontational challenge which she doesn't want you to win. Everyone else in the bomb crew has left, as if she's defeated them and they're like 'f this.'
Thanks for the amazing coverage this year Giant Bomb, your insights are always intelligent and very funny! Next stop, Tokyo?

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Looks cool, thanks for the key!

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@lordofultima: Matter of opinion, I love it when you've got Ultra :P
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I love Godzilla and I love video games. I'm also well into the iPhone and when I find a Godzilla game for the iPhone (even though it looked bad) I have to try it. One transaction later I'm playing an Indian made, one level and two character featuring, glitchy as hell 'game'. Observe!