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Sadly, Dreamcast 2 right here.

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Is there any chance someone will be giving away a copy of Tropico 4?

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I think my biggest fear is being alone.

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I don't think enough people have said Animal Crossing. For me it's either that, or Harvest Moon.

Jesus Christ, I need a 3DS.

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I'll help if there is a space. Just send me a message if you want me.

You do want me.

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I have to go get root surgery next week. I was in a fight and got punched in the face, this pushed my lip piercing into a front tooth, pushing it back.

I'm scared.

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You know, the Harvest Moon trailer was pretty cool. Always wished HM had an anime adaption like Animcal Crossing did.

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I'm buying the GOG version. Called System Shock 2.

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Who even asked for this game? I've never really thought of The Walking Dead as an FPS game. It'll sell either way though.

What's the point.

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Only noticeable event was during the last boss on Shadow of the Colossus, I threw a ps2 controller which broke.

It was the last boss of SotC though, only thing that's ever stopped me from playing it again.