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Loved the first game, looking forward to this sequel.

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When trying to share an update with facebook by clicking on the 'share with facebook' button the page where you have to give authority to share this information with your facebook profile doesn't work correctly in the Google Chrome web browser on Windows. The page displaying the 'Allow' button just keeps jumping up and down and you can't click on anything (looks a bit like it's scrolling in a jerky fashion, I believe you may describe it as Janky).

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FINALLY a need for speed game with a decent frame-rate. Game looks pretty awesome from what they showed at the EA press conference and the online challenge stuff is similar to Blur, which I also really like.

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I enjoyed the press conference and the motion sensing cam tech was very impressive. As for the games, Splinter Cell looked real nice and of course Left 4 Dead 2 will be hella awesome, the rest though (especially 2 more piss boring halo games) didn't really excite me that much. Alan Wake looked like it was a more polished version of Alone in the Dark. Looking forward to EA's conference later and then Sony/Nintendo tomorrow.

Oh and twitter on 360 is genius

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Not good, not good at all. This marketing company need to brush up on their gaming industry knowledge. Clearly if they knew who Jeff really was they would know that he would never compromise his journalistic integrity purely for self gain.

This marketing campagn = fail

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Bombcast is now my favourite podcast by a long stretch. Love the site and the work you guys are doing. Looking forward to this weeks episode after the hilarity you provided when talking about Fifty Cent and Streetfighter IV online. Awesomely entertaining guys.

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I think the reason that Sony are currently finding themselves in last place in the console wars is down to the fact that they used name calling tactics like this when previewing the ps3, and built up massive amounts of hype for how much more powerful it would be, but meanwhile while they were doing that MS released the 360 first and as a result everything new (with the exception of blu-ray) that we've seen this generation appeared first on the 360. The ps3 launched several months later and was simply doing what the 360 had already been doing (in terms of games) only to a lesser quality in the case of most multi-platform titles.

There's no doubt that the PS3 has a lot of potential and there are some amazing games on the machine too (I'm currently replaying MGS4 and have completed Resistance and Uncharted multiple times). This is what Sony needs to realise. This is what their customers want - great games.

Aaron Greenburg's comments should be read and understood by the Sony execs. Maybe then we can all just play the great games that are on PS3/360 and enjoy them for what they are.

I'm just saying...

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Sign :)