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After interviewing the likes of Andy Kaufman, Harvey Pekar, Hunter S. Thompson, Harmony Korine and Joaquin Phoenix during his rap artist period, something like Hatsune Miku wouldn't phase Dave.

Crypton should take her on Conan's show, I'd bet his reaction would be priceless

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Ryan had the last word on actress J.A. Steel

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He's writing his magnum opus on the history of all video games

"Chapter 13: The Saturn"

"Burning Rangers was alright, at least it was better than fucking NiGHTS!"

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The more Dan the better as far as I'm concerned. I alway enjoy what he has to say on a Quick Look.

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I buy whatever version is cheapest. Sometimes thats a new copy on Amazon, and sometimes that's a digital version on the marketplace. Whatever is the best deal.

It's kinda weird to straddle between the physical and digital worlds with my purchases, but it's what you usually have to do to get the best deals. Like I'll buy ebooks for my Kindle when Amazon has their monthly sale, and then I'll buy used paper books when I can get a good deal on them. It's the same with games. Half of my collection is digital, half of it's physical, but I'm saving money.

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I do this all the time with Dan Carlin's Hardcore History while trying to 100% Forza 4.

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I need to see some interesting exclusives and/or some impressive looking graphics for me to make the leap to next-gen. Sure, there are some good games out, but most of them are available for X360/PS3 and look totally fine. Watch Dogs and Destiny will be available on current-gen consoles.

The PS2 was a huge upgrade over the PS1, and the Xbox 360 was a huge upgrade over the PS2. I'm not really seeing a huge upgrade here though.

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I'm all about Jeff's boot sequence idea. They don't come much better than this.

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Smart move to put Rayman on the new consoles. Ubi has a soft portfolio of games for Q1 with Watch Dogs delayed. The game also did not sell to their expectations, so if they can eke out a few more copies to next-gen owners starving for something to play early in the year, so much the better.