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I need to see some interesting exclusives and/or some impressive looking graphics for me to make the leap to next-gen. Sure, there are some good games out, but most of them are available for X360/PS3 and look totally fine. Watch Dogs and Destiny will be available on current-gen consoles.

The PS2 was a huge upgrade over the PS1, and the Xbox 360 was a huge upgrade over the PS2. I'm not really seeing a huge upgrade here though.

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I'm all about Jeff's boot sequence idea. They don't come much better than this.

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Smart move to put Rayman on the new consoles. Ubi has a soft portfolio of games for Q1 with Watch Dogs delayed. The game also did not sell to their expectations, so if they can eke out a few more copies to next-gen owners starving for something to play early in the year, so much the better.

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No problem with it. Squarespace, Audible, etc support some of my favorite podcasts.

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A gritty The Social Network-style dramatic film on the development of Gran Turismo 5.

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I would imagine USFIV will eventually be ported to next gen consoles, Capcom loves it's ports.

I totally believe that there is no SFV in development and Ono simply doesn't have the budget. Development costs were already prohibitive, and costs will continue to grow

Did we see any technically impressive next gen Japanese titles at e3 this year other than Metal Gear? Japanese studios already lagged behind their western counterparts this gen (other than MGSIV and Gran Turismo) and I wonder if Japanese studios will be able to compete technically this gen either.

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Mech Assault is one of my favorites, I don't know why MS doesn't do a 360 version.

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I think COD will outperform GTA5. COD will have the benefit of being on both generations of hardware right away, and the series hasn't showed any signs of slowing down. On the other hand, none of Rockstar's games this generation has outperformed GTA San Andreas. Rockstar has to prove that they can reach those sales figures again.

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It's time for GAME ROOM!!! I love these videos...