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Sure! It could be based on Patton Oswalt's screenplay for Star Wars ep. 7. Warning to games journalists though, the female part's a little underwritten.

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Kinda weird how companies can use the names of guns under freedom of speech, but can't use the names of cars and such. Some weapons are identifiable as a brand, just the same way as Mustangs and Corvettes are.

EA better be prepared to make some names up like the Goldeneye days of "KF7 Soviet" and "Klobb"

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Expect Durango to have pizza cooking ability built in- Coming 2015.

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This is a pleasant surprise. Its a new game that'll probably be pretty good, and its not taking away from Rocksteady developing a next gen game. The negative feedback based off nothing at all is pretty disheartening. This is nothing but positive news.

Personally, I'm sticking to current gen stuff a while, so its nice to see some new software I'll get to play

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You're on the right track with stat bonuses. Maybe build in different parameters every week like a rivalry bonus for Saints players playing against the Falcons, or a negative points for dome players playing at Lambeau in December. Obviously it can't to a point where its 100% skill based, fantasy sports are based on games played in IRL, where anything can happen.

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Another vote for the Defending the stage scene in Alan Wake.

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Dude said the next Xbox will supposedly not play used games, so it sounds like he's just going off the unconfirmed rumors that have been going on for a while. I still don't think this is true of the next Xbox.

I still like having the option of buying used games for cheap, or old titles that aren't available anymore. If this is true, then I'm jumping ship to Sony.

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Looks like a lot of cool stuff, could tempt me to jump ship from Microsoft over to Sony.

Stupid question: Is there a photo of the console itself? I can only find UI and conrtoller pics.

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To be fair, Xbox has been more about Halo for some time. stuff like Gears, Forza and Fable are respectable first party titles.

However, I miss the days of the original Xbox, when Microsoft put out a ton of new IPs. Not all of them were good, but at least it was a bunch of new stuff.

Where's my new Mech Assault?!

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- Internal systems specs i.e. CPU Processing speed, GPU, RAM, hard drive size, etc

- Pricing and SKUs

- Crash Bandicoot