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David Jaffe plz.

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This would be a killer little machine with internet connectivity. A Netflix machine with the ability to play a ton of Wii games and Virtual Console classics. A Nintendo Roku if you will. Without that, it's pretty gimped.

Still, as someone only with an Xbox 360, and no plans to get any of the next gen consoles at launch, I'd have a use for this and a tight collection of AAA Wii exclusives. The two could tide me over until the next gen stuff comes down in price a bit.

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This twitter hash tag is truly the most important advancement in women's civil rights since Susan B Anthony.

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More Deadly Premonition? Life is beautiful!

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Sony's starting to look really nice heading into next gen, Microsoft needs to step its game up.

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@whatisdelicious: You're exactly right, and this is coming from an Xbox owner. PS+ is a ridiculously good value, so much so it has me considering the next Playstation over a new Xbox. For what people are paying for Xbox Live every year, we should be getting free games like what Sony is doing, even if it's just old stuff. Sony and even Nintendo have more desirable games on their network platforms too.

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@BrockNRolla said:

Someone let me know when "Polygon.com" becomes a real site and not just a subsection of the the Verge and a "Coming Soon" image.

Then maybe I'll give a shit.

QFT, this pretty much sums up every thing about Polygon.

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@Crixaliz: I agree, I only have a 360, and I look longingly at some of the PSN exclusives like Stranger's Wrath and Okami HD. For what we're paying for Xbox Live every year, there's no excuse why Xbox owners can't have a PSN+ type service where we can download free games every month, if only old Xbox One stuff and old arcade games.

As for Kinect, I absolutely stand by my original statements. The thing just doesn't work like a finished consumer electronic should. It's like having a TV where the remote constantly needed to be re calibrated and only worked 25% of the time. Unacceptable.

I've tried the thing on multiple occasions. Kinect needed to calibrate constantly, and Fruit Ninja was fun for about 5 minutes. Our group decided to just play You Don't Know Jack instead.

I'm skeptical of games that have no tactile feedback, which I view as essential to video game playing. Hands free gaming could be a nice diversion in the future, but there's no way the tech is there yet.

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Why would I pay money for something that doesn't even work?

It's time for people to stop pretending this thing works properly. Even during the 25% of the time you can get the Kinect working, you're still standing up to play bad minigames with no tactile feedback. If Microsoft pushes Kinect any further rather than focusing on great 1st party games, I'm going to jump ship to Sony.

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While its true that games used to be more expensive, especially cartridges, the industry as a whole was a lot smaller and more niche. In order for the industry to grow and attract more players, games must not increase in price, or risk alienating all except the hardcore.