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Gearbox comes across bad after this whole mess, but ultimately, its Sega's responsibility to put out a quality game, if they expect it to sell. Sega should've stripped them of the title, and passed it on to another developer.

As it stands, one of Sega's "pillars" has completely crumbled. And I don't think they can release enough Sega Vintage collections to compensate for how much Aliens cost them. Though I'd appreciate a Shining Force III port to XBLA.

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If the character flaw of the person is not readily reflected in the work, then I don't have a problem. HP Lovecraft had some questionable things to say about race, but his books are fantastic and I can still enjoy the movie Chinatown, despite Roman Polanski fleeing the country to beat a rape charge.

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As a 360 owner, this is great news. I loved Origins and will pick this up when it comes out. All of the publishers need to squeeze as much money as they can out of their releases this year, and 360/PS3 versions of Rayman will sell pretty well.

But as a potential Wii U buyer, this is a huge blow. At this point I'd be buying a $350 machine to play games I already can on my Xbox and for a trickle of Nintendo releases. Oh, and it's basically obsolete come November. I like new hardware, and I like Nintendo, but I can't make a case for buying this thing right now.

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David Jaffe plz.

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This would be a killer little machine with internet connectivity. A Netflix machine with the ability to play a ton of Wii games and Virtual Console classics. A Nintendo Roku if you will. Without that, it's pretty gimped.

Still, as someone only with an Xbox 360, and no plans to get any of the next gen consoles at launch, I'd have a use for this and a tight collection of AAA Wii exclusives. The two could tide me over until the next gen stuff comes down in price a bit.

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This twitter hash tag is truly the most important advancement in women's civil rights since Susan B Anthony.

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More Deadly Premonition? Life is beautiful!