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I'm surprised that there's not already a full list of Titles/Emblems with associated unlock info and specifics on Prestige Mode. For such a huge game, this type of info is ridiculously sparse.
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Yeah, Helgast LMG FTW. I think it's the StA11 or something. The shotgun is a helluvalot of fun to use, though. Few things in that game are as satisfying as obliterating a Helgan head with one of those babies.

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On the homepage, when clicking on the Previews, Reviews, etc. tabs, the list of forum posts at the bottom slides up and covers all the entries.

I'm using IE, Windows XP.

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It looks like the single player campaign that Warhawk never had. This could be worth a look.

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The demo is not a fair representation of the final product. It was culled from a much older build. Pacific Rift plays much like the first game, with similar physics and handling. However, I have found the graphics, track design, track variety, event variety, online play, and vehicle/character choices to have all been improved in some way. I am a big fan of the first game, and I think Pacific Rift is a much better package, and well worth my $60.

A big turnoff is the difficulty, which definitely spikes near the end of the Festival, but even despite this problem, it's my favorite racing game.

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Sir_Ragnarok said:
" On the spot here, I can't remember the entirety of my post-'08 major titles list, but Too Human is definitely there.  I'll probably end up getting Fallout sometime next year, too.  It's not a game I need immediately.  Like Oblivion, I feel like I'll be able to appreciate it without having to barrel through it."
Two things: 1) I, too, will probably wait until next year if/when the price of Fallout 3 drops to pick up Bethedsa's lastest. 2) Godspeed You Black Emperor is the ish.
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Linkyshinks said:
""Close-quarters combat is troublesome"

Is that  not supposed to be with such games.

I think this is a valid point. Horror games in which your character can easily dispatch all threats sort of removes the "horror," no?

However, that's not a free pass for developers to implement crap controls. I think the close-quarters issues are most likely attributed primarily to the lack of a quick-turn feature. Not having played the game myself, I can't say whether this will be a big source of contention personally, but I'm still pretty excited about getting the chance to play Dead Space. Gamespot's score isn't a deciding factor by any means, but there have been a slew of positive reviews from other respected publications.
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Forgive me if this sounds elitist, but I don't think the PS3 is the best place to get news. In fact, it has to rank among the worst.

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Pibo47 said:
"Nets said:
"I hear from many people Sigma is better than NG2, it's $30 anyway so it's a win win situation."

Who the hell told you that? PSM? Dude, NG2 is awesome, and sigma aint that bad either."

NG2 did improve in several areas over the original, with more weapons, marginally better graphics, dismemberment, and obliteration techniques. However, Ninja Gaiden/Black/Sigma had better pacing, better level design, better enemies (i.e. not cheap), and better boss battles.

I actually played NG2 before I finished NGSigma, and at first I thought I'd never be able to go back since there is such a heavy emphasis on dismembering enemies in NG2 and Sigma does not employ this mechanic. However, after several hours with NG2, I went back to Sigma and discovered that NG2's flash cannot eclipse the brilliant Sigma's substance.

They're both great, though, really.
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HazBazz said:
"LilBew said:
"Right now we are supporting the PS3 launch."
You're nearly 2 years late, 2K."

Yeah, well, I think she was referring to Bioshock's "launch" on the PS3, but her comment was poorly worded.

Regarding the DLC, I have read that there will be new plasmids, a harder difficulty mode, and challenge rooms. There will be nothing new added to the SP in the form of new areas, enemies, endings, etc. For those who wish to "confirm" this on their own, I believe I came across this information on first. Happy hunting.
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