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A diamond in the island: don't pass this racer up. 0

The original Motorstorm was met with mixed reviews, and for good reason. The core arcade racing engine was brilliant, with a good sense of speed, sound vehicle handling and physics, incredible damage modeling, impressive hit detection, and persistant track deformation. The track designs were nearly flawless. The seven different vehicle types (Bikes, ATVs, Buggies, Rally Cars, Racing Trucks, Mudpluggers, and Big Rigs) were balanced and fun to drive. The graphics were stunning. What was wrong? As ...

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Suggestion: spend more dev time on gameplay, less on boobies. 0

My first experience with Ninja Gaiden was on the NES back in the early 90s. That was one hard game. The next NG title played was the remake on Xbox, and then the remake of the remake (Sigma) on the PS3. That was one hard game. The graphics, gameplay, pacing, and boss battles in both of these games, when taking into account the eras in which, and the systems for which, each was released, were top notch.Enter Ninja Gaiden 2 (for the Xbox 360).You're still Ryu Hayabusa, resident badass of the Drago...

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Initially striking, but we should expect more from this gen. 0

I'll start with the good aspects. Heavenly Sword has fantastic graphics; in fact, it probably rivals the best any system has to offer thus far. The animations are superb and the lip syncing is perfect. Nariko's blades, clothes, and hair whip around in a beautiful maelstrom of violent expression. Chairs, crates, dishes, food, weapons, and sheilds can all be smashed or used as projectiles, and the physics engine is quite solid. Nariko is also actually quite a joy to control, with a fighting system...

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Online, MP only shooter which does a variety of things very well. 0

First, Warhawk has no single player campaign. There are no bots you can frag by your lonesome on those internetless nights at grandma's in the middle of Farm County, Nowheredaho. So, if you don't have a high speed internet connection, don't bother. There's only so much fun to be had with 2 v 2 splitscreen battles, and that amount of fun is quite negligibile.However, for the rest of you dying to eat up some bandwidth, give Warhawk a shot. There are only a handful of maps which scale to match the ...

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A wildly entertaining, deeply flawed, must-play experience. 0

The highly anticipated Assassin's Creed has enjoyed massive sales but mixed reviews amongst critics and consumers alike. While my score implies the following review will be positive, let me start by saying many of the negative reviews are justifiable. However, I have found that the positive qualities of Assassin's Creed do much to compensate for the obvious flaws. Overall, I found Assassin's Creed to be a wonderful and innovative game, which, for several unfortunate reasons, fell just short of t...

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A fun superhero / GTA mashup of sorts. 0

I'm assuming most owners of Crackdown achieved that status primarily out of a burning desire to obtain Halo 3 beta codes. Though I can't say for sure, my guess is that those people who took the time to sit and play Crackdown were treated to quite a pleasant surprise. I hate to compare Crackdown to GTA, but such comparisons are inevitable. You play from a third person perspective; you have access to a city with multiple neighborhoods/islands; you can create ridiculous amounts of destruction in sh...

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One of the most unique experiences in gaming history. 0

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here. Frankly, the less you know about what you're getting into, the better. The soundtrack is equal parts haunting, adventurous, triumphant and mournful. The plot, while initially vague and unobtrusive, is a morally challenging, thoroughly engaging, subtle emotional crescendo. The open world is gorgeous and expansive. The character animation is top notch. You have two weapons and a horse at your disposal, and that's all you'll need. The show stealers are...

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My first experience with the Metal Gear Solid series was MGS2: Sons of Liberty, but it was MGS3: Snake Eater that really hooked me. It's not often in gaming that you will find innovative gameplay, complex plotlines, challenging moral dilemmas, believable political intrigue, and dynamic, layered characters; MGS not only has all of this, but does each one better than most any other game you will find. Once I became immersed in the PS2 MGS world, I knew I had to play the original to flesh out the m...

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Intense campaign + ridiculous multiplayer = best current gen FPS 0

There's probably not a lot that I can say here that you haven't read already. If you're on the fence about buying this game, and are looking to user reviews for help, then there's no need to read any further. This game should be in any shooter fan's collection.If you're looking for in-depth descriptions of the campaign, the GameSpot and/or IGN reviews do it justice.I ran through Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's single-player campaign in rather short order, and enjoyed almost every second of it. ...

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R6V2 doesn't mess with the winning formula of the original. 0

I played the original Vegas on the PS3, but from what I've heard from friends and forums, most of the issues (apart from the 360 version's graphics being superior) were shared between versions: no cutscenes in co-op story, madly inconsistent sound effects, a terrible ranking system, etc.While the sound issues that plagued the first have notably not been remedied (random muffled/silenced gunfire, enemy dialogue emanating from the wrong location), everything else has been improved in some way. Co-...

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The devil is in the details... and GTA IV is possessed. 0

Grand Theft Auto IV is the best title in the massively popular series of games. Those new to the revolutionary "sandbox" universe of GTA may wonder what all the fuss is about. Those who have never bought into what Rockstar has been selling all these years may continue to do so. GTA is not for everybody. It's violent. It's repetitive. It's vulgar. It doesn't have the best combat or graphics engine. What GTA has always had, however, is an entertaining story, a vivid open world to explore/destroy, ...

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