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Don't see it in the coming up list...

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They need to fix the drafting algorithm so you can't have more than 2 of any given card.

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If they put their back catalog on other systems (PC, Xbox One, PS4) and keep putting out great new games on those, I would buy the crap out of them! I haven't bought a Nintendo game since my GBA days, because I haven't had one of their systems.

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Knack does not seem fine. That looks like a game nobody should pay money for given all of the alternatives out there.

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They're on sale right now, I'm wondering if they are any good.

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More kittens needed!

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@chavtheworld: Chicken periods, actually. The eggs are not fertilized.

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Any game in the Tactics Ogre series is generally awesome.

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I've got a few questions on the new site's RSS feeds (using Google Reader):

  1. I'm still using , but now no content is embedded it is just straight links. I don't mind having to go to the site, but will there be any way to differentiate between content types (trailers, news, stories, reviews, etc.)?
  2. Clicking on the RSS link in the new footer takes me to a list of RSS feeds. There is no combined feed there, what should I be using for a combined feed of just original content?