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@sunbrozak: I hadn't seen that before, watched that and instantly downloaded the app. Disappointed with the lack of the bombcast template though :P

Anyone on here still got the required files for it? Long shot I guess but seems a good place to ask

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There are features I miss yes, but all it takes to repurchase the membership is the current one to run out.

I love what the guys do, so I'll keep on paying

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Mine was the Shank Quick Look I think. Saw that and decided I needed to browse the site.

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I tried using cheatengine on Dark Souls 2 on PC, since I'm playing it on xbox anyway, maxed out all the stats and still didn't feel overpowered since it was very early game. Just made me feel bad really.

Used to love the game genie on the Snes though, giving mario infinite jumps and flying through the level.

It's probably for the best that cheats are hard to come by now, makes me enjoy playing the games more

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I just downloaded it and didn't even notice the hour or so that passed.

Cool little game.

I can nearly see the Dark Souls-ness of it. But only in the sense that its kinda hard and it feels like the fights matter.

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I managed to get my console replaced on warranty. The batteries sat fine in the control. It seemed to be a fault with the console not binding the controls properly.

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@mb: How I sit when playing the xbox is pretty much with the controller in view at all times to the kinect. And I saw someone mention about the batteries being an issue, but they havent been with me. It reconnects itself again with me touching the batteries

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Only recently got an xbox one and the second or third day of using it I've noticed the controller disconnects every now and then for no real reason. I've changed the batteries twice incase it was that.

Still no joy, anyone else had the issue at all? The solutions provided by Microsoft aren't exactly helpful

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If you reeeally want it and you're not putting yourself out too much getting it on finance, then I'd say go for it.
Only you can really say whether or not its going to be worth it

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I've had DPD both deliver and pick up packages from me several times.

To be honest they've been the best delivery/courier service I've had.

If you had said Hermes were like that I would have completely believed you, never had one package from them delivered correctly