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I initially had the premium podcast feed working in feedly when I started using it (after Google Reader was retired), but it stopped working a few weeks ago. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the premium podcasts require a username and password, which is not supported by feedly. All the other Giant Bomb feeds work fine.

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Wow, you really weren't kidding! Great interview. :) Also, he has the best twitter-name.

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@warpig87: Yeah, I bet he would be excited about all the stuff that's going on.

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*waits for WWE 2013 'COLLUSION' joke*

Collusion! *gets hit by a car*

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Baller! This is awesome. :)

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The gummy worm clip is just so, so perfect. Saw it many times over the years. Amazing energy, perfect Ryan Davis. NEVER LET GO, MAN!

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Coming back to this thread feels a little bit like group therapy. I'm starting to slowly register the fact that Ryan is gone and can never be replaced. Strangely the last 30 hours or so have been immensely crushing but sometimes uplifting as well, seeing so many people come together to remember him. Like so many others have said, Ryan was the best friend I never met and I'm very grateful for that. He will never be forgotten.

RIP Ryan Davis. My heartfelt condolences to his wife, family and friends.

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I'm in the same boat. None of my friends know Giant Bomb, although it has been an almost daily part of my life for the last few years. That's why I really admired the Harmonix guys for doing the Twitch stream for Ryan, yesterday. There might not be somebody sharing your tears right next to you, but I know the Giant Bomb family does. Talking to them in the chat and reading the forum did help.

It's such a weird world we live in, but I'm eternally grateful for having been able to get to know Ryan without ever meeting him. Pouring one out in Vienna.

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I never quite understood people getting emotional over the passing of a public figure, for example Michael Jackson, it just seemed bizarre to see people becoming upset over someone they had never really known outside of their work and public appearances.

I understand it now.

I thought the exact same thing to myself earlier after I first found out.

Same, this is the first time I have ever shed tears for someone I didn't know

Same. I can't listen to his voice without tearing up right now, even when he makes me laugh, like all these years before.