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5. Ad I understand it there are both GPS units for general tracking and something similar to an RFID which trips sensors at particular points on the track, it is these which are used for the DRS activatiom

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Having read the claim filed by EA, there are so many similarities I can't see anything but an EA win or a settlement financially benefiting EA (which is the only way The Ville can continue to exist). It does seem to be quite blatant, though I haven't played either so I can't comment on the differences which obviously EA have not set forth.

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Really interesting, personally it was Escape from Mount Stupid which brought be back to Gamespot having needed a break a few years ago. I think your shows are both great, the bus simulator being maybe one of the funniest things I've seen since the Farming Simulator 2011 QL. On a more serious tone I found the Religion EFMS was very thought provoking and I thought it struck a excellent balance between remembering video games are video games while still exploring the inconsiderate nature of some games towards religions.

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FTL should be impossible, using wormholes theoretically is possible though so that's how we will get between places faster than light travels, by effectively taking a shortcut.

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It is still on the Rockstar Social Club games page as 'coming soon' so it certainly still exists. If GTA V is a Holiday '12 release they probably will release it May '13, otherwise it would have to be a next gen game I'd think.

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Only if he wants to will he, but just as Rorie has moved on from his old Gamespot job Rich has moved his career away from the content producing he did at Gamespot so to speak as if it is inevitability is just wasted breath.

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Yes, the nearest thing to the magic which is Europop is Japanese video game music

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Kentia Hall will remain a parking lot, it will also become Giant Bomb's interview room

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Another fantastic race, I'm still astounded by Alonso performing so well with that Nissan Micra of a car. Lewis impressed, but again the tyres seemed to be the real decider, it is amazing how much every track/temperature combination changes the life of the tyres

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The teaser trailer having come out last November/October sometime I can't see Rockstar waiting 18 months to release. Bioshock Infinite being delayed just leaves a hole for a Take Two product to be released, conspiracists may suggest even that Infinite was 'helped' towards a delay because Fall is when GTA V will be ready and Rockstar would probably put it out anyway!

GTA V in October 2013, revealed the week before E3 because Rockstar are the only company who can pull that off (and Pachter predicted that months ago).