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just wondering if anyone could help me with this problem i've come across 
i had a crappy 20" TV that only could do the standard 480p...or "i" i'm dunno which.... - plus it cuts off a portion of the screen - Example: Star Ocean 4 << the rush gauge of the players you can barely see them X_x 
so to solve it, i decided in favour of getting the x360 VGA cable as i already have a 22" monitor - it has both VGA and DVI connection so i can connect both my PC and xbox to it, i thought Great! 
but since doing so i have rendered my dazzle useless :( - it uses the composite cables to record 
i can plug the xbox 360 directly into it but it means playing the game though the dazzle software (theres a 1-2 second delay, which is horrible) 
i was wondering if anyone knows of a way to to record the VGA connection? 
or should i just keep the TV in my room with the dazzle hooked up to that then swop the VGA to composite everytime i wish to record?  <<< theres a major flaw in doing that - i tend to record gameplay while mid-game (instead of recording the whole level which leads to alot of Gigabytes of data on the harddrive), but if you unplug the VGA cable to plug the composite cable in, it resets the xbox 360 :( 
any help would be appreciated here
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no - you just simply need to have battled the monsters at least once
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dunno if this has been posted already but still, Left 4 dead has been updated on steam and you can finally play all campains in versus mode!

Let the fun....BEGIN!

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Scared? Why should we be scared, Microsoft has this totally under control.......O_O..........................GRAYFOX

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well, if its an april fools then im a fool - but i'd rather be safe then sorry ;)

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i agree - it shouldn't be 3 but rather 1.5 prehaps
and anyw
ay, in comparison to the PC engine.....*commence laughter mode*
the jaggies alone! ouch!!

i thought Cryengine 2 was there to broadcast - Hey look at us!, Graphical beauty at it's finiest!
now alls i hear is - Hey look at us!, we are taking a stepback in graphical technically because ps3/x360 Fanboy whores are complaining they want crysis on consoles and to prove that consoles that play crysis just as good or even better then PC's!!!!!
*notice - Laughter mode still active!*

¬_¬ - At the end of the day Crytek new crysis will run just fine on consoles and it was Enevitable - but PLEASE console fanboys PLEASE for the love of god don't start doing comparison videos/pictures X_x - just play and enjoy the fucking game when it comes out!

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Alls i hear people say is that its gonna be a portable perve machine and to be honest, a waste of time.
it's barely gonna be any better with a miner CPU increase - 2 touch screens? i barely used the one.... - Slighty bigger screens even though its keeping the same resolution from previous DS's which will weardown the battery at a quicker pace and 2 cameras, Why cameras is beyond me....

i would rather just see alot of games being ported/remade for the DS then this new DSi
plus the DSi will no longer support GBA :( no more Golden Sun for me then if i do buy one (and lack of Guitar hero DS support as well don't forget)
don't say keep your DS lite - im not carrying around a DS lite AND DSi - wtf at that?

the only thing interesting about the DSi is going to be the DSiWare - where you can buy and download all the games from there official Wii Shopping channel - However, not much is said about the GBA titles, only DS - rather annoying, but we'll have to wait and see

Theres a Slot 1 card that allows for GBA emulation, but that will be dead with the new DSi as a new one would have to be remade for it to work again - ANNOYING....:(

i would love ff8 to be ported for the DS just with FF3's graphics prehaps or Wild Arms :P << i'd buy those over the new DSi anyday


So whats your verdict on the new DSi?
Are you also annoyed with the removal of the GBA slot?
Do you even see a purpose in the cameras? (We all carry mobile phones with the same or better resolution then the DSi's and besides alls i see is shit software that allows you to photoshop the pictures prehaps << fun for what 5mins? *yawn* Video storage i hear you say? i barely use my phone for video, why will the DSi suddenly become more special with it's own?)

im still not sure if i want one, im gonna  wait till my mates get one first then rate it that way - DSi just hasn't grabbed me, but for the time being has kept me wondering......
Maybe you guys can win me over.........?

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Well.........if you have friends, friends that you actually communicate with and not some random idiot you met online that hardly talks.......

i love using the rifle! - i've been upgrading that while my  mate is upgrading the shotgun, Teamwork is technically vital in this game.
Not got any friends? only use twitter, msn or texting as your choice of communicating with your friends? - then you'll hate this game xD as voice co-op is tbh needed - let your mate know zombies are creeping up behind him, where certain ammo is, Tactics - you get the picture.

so far im only at chapter 3-3, the controls arn't that bad so just ignore the people that say there shit as tbh, i personaly think Resi5 would be too easy with Resi4 controls :S

replayablity is there, and the co-op is nerverackingly good, lack of communications is the reason why people suck, not the controls :P
Poor choice of place to reload your weapon gets people killed, not the controls xD

I can't say go and buy it, but if you loved Resi4 - Resi5 is a solid buy, sure the controls are different, but it's not a problem and you'll learn to get used to them - if your still unsure just rent it......

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The original fear didn't scare me and was actually quite a dissapointment in terms of scary on my part - afew parts that made me jump, but jumping isn't being scared is it? - being scared is not wanting to go on etc

So, this time around i decided that i would film my reactions and then give a review of the game at the end (Which by the way will be my first ever game review :P)

Now obviously this is going to be a massive spoiler as i will be filming from start to finish - and i will not be editing it, you will litterally get to see the whole game from start to finish (Please bare in mind i'm extremely nervous while filming, i know it doesn't look it as i tried not to show it - just listen to me trying to read, i make so many mistake its unbelieveable :P)

All the videos will be uploaded in HD (720p widescreen) so you can see more clearly even though technically....its not actually been recorded in....720p.....*cough*

and by the way - Bloody hell it takes ages to edit and then upload the 500+mg size files to youtube xD - 10mins in sony vegas = 2-3hours to render!!!! ( i hate my E6600 haha)



i will also be doing the same with Resident Evil 5 (Without the webcam reaction or my voice, so it'll be only the game footage - which is better :P
No need to listen to
A) someone from the UK and
B) no need to look at someone from the UK xD lol


i was working on the Dead Space playthrough as well before FEAR 2 <<<< this is how i will be doing it for Resident Evil 5 :)
Dead space has been put on hold till FEAR 2 has been completed :P

Thanks for reading and to all those that take the time to watch my videos.
please rate and subscribe if your a member of youtube - again Thanks!
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cheers RJ for taking the time in answer this old thread :P

i bought me a Dazzle DVD recorder not long after i made the post and im loving it :D
this thread should be nice for others asking the same question - as its answered now it can finally R.I.P lol