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I've been seriously thinking about getting a WiiU after E3.

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There is only one type of Mayo that I will eat, and that's Garlic Mayo with Onion Rings. As for Ketchup, I'll put that shit on everything!

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It really depends on my level of commitment to the Hot Dog at that particular time. Also, the brand or type of Dog depends heavily on my cooking method.

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RPG - Icewind Dale

JRPG - Pokemon Fir...Well, all the Pokemon games are the same so it doesn't matter which one.

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Congratulations man! Good luck being that close to the Lang Zone!

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  • Bombcast
  • Hello Internet
  • Steve Austin Show
  • Talk is Jericho
  • The Ross Report
  • Hardcore History

The Bombcast is the only one I listen to on a regular basis. The rest I let build up, then slowly catch up.

Oh, also forgot about all the GiantBomb Premium stuff...

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Third gen is the only games in the series I've never played. So, kinda excited to play these.

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I've only killed 6-7 bosses, so far the only ones I haven't killed first try was The Pursuer and the 3 Alien dudes. And I'm terrible at Dark Souls, I find the mobs leading up to the bosses way harder than the bosses themselves.

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Not very far so far, I started out wanting to play something different. SO started playing a Sorcorer/Hexxer/Zeus, but really didn't enjoying playing a caster. Got to just after No-Man's Warf before deciding to start over again, as a strength dude. I'm finding the game a little more difficult that Dark Souls 1, so I'm playing much more conservatively than I usually do. On my Warrior, rocking a Bastard Sword +4, I'm just past the Giant dude in the Forest of Giants.

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I like me some Chicken Nugs. Even though they are slowly killing me...