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A sad day for gaming journalism. Rest in peace.

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Consoles killed the stratigey game

I think the lack of mouse/keyboard is partially to blame. Can you imagine trying to play starcraft witha gamepad? Hopefully motion controls on next gen consoles will remedy this.

Yeah! I read about the controls for the Xbox360 version of C&C: Red Alert 3 and it sounded completely broken. You use the left analog stick to navigate to an area of the map, and once you click on the ground, a radial menu appears from where you can select a building. I wonder how armies are managed. It just doesn't feel right!

I believe PS2 had support for mouse and keyboard.

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Cool, so game running on old hardware is worse then one running on new hardware?

GET. THE. FUCK. OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There should be an upvote or like button here. I so wanted to "like" this post :D

Skyrim on PC is awesome.

The only complain I have is a minor stuttering issue where my screen gets frozen if I try to sprint through open terrains. It never happens inside the towns, only when I am walking barefoot from point A to B. Is there a fix for this? Sorry for asking this question here, but I guess opening a separate thread isn't the best of ideas.

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I am going a bit slow on the writeup, but hopefully I'll be able to conjure up something by end of this week.

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The problem with MW is that every game follows a similar pattern; especially the single player part. There's no memorable battles, only battles. Things are too chaotic and so many things keep happening that you don't get the feeling of immersion anymore.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the games are lacking a proper storyline. In fact, there's really not much of a need to have a very memorable storyline in a FPS game. But if you don't find a good reason behind the fights you are participating in, what fun does it bring?

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Chasing Pavements by Adele is one hell of a song

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Maybe its just because its 4:10 am but I really couldn't comprehend some of your sentences or the thread name. I like your avatar though.

Thanks, I am a big fan of the Beatles (which I guess is quite obvious).   
Through the title "Sick about FPS games" I wanted to show my disappointment with the direction FPS (first person shooter) games are heading to, and I also wanted to share why I haven't been playing them too much lately. 
Sorry about the sentence structure. While I try to be very careful regarding grammar and spelling while writing blogs, I won't be too surprised if some mistakes remain. I'd be very happy if you can point out my errors so I can correct them. 
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I was once riding a horse and suddenly some mages appear from nowhere and starts hurling fireballs at me. Out of panic, I pressed the jump and forward button together, and for a brief while, my horse vanished and I saw my character wading in the sky....but no horse beneath him! I was playing in 3rd person view, by the way. 

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Nice initiative. I can share a few writeups which you or anyone else can read out, but I am a bit microphone shy and my internet connection blows. Actually I was planning to write some blog posts regarding my skyrim experience, so this seems relevant. 

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While I enjoy playing pre-scripted (or to be more precise, pre-crafted) games a lot, I am really enjoying the freedom of doing whatever I want to do in Skyrim. It's like the GTA of RPG games for me. I hated Oblivion because I didn't find any direction nor any motivation to actually go with the story arcs and conquests, but I am loving Skyrim because whichever quest I am taking, it  has some impact on the world around my character (me). The game also does not prevent me from free exploration, and I can always strike a balance between exploring, fighting and just conversing with the NPCs.  
It's a choice between role playing a unique character (e.g. Geralt or Hawke in Dragon Age 2) or imagining yourself doing the things that the on screen nameless character is doing (Dragon Age: Origins and Skyrim). I prefer both, but if the game is good, the 2nd option is more immersing and gives me more "gaming pleasure".