60 games and counting

60 games finished so far this year, more if you were to count some of the episodic games as individual completions. For a while it was looking like 100 was do-able, but Tales of  Vesperia, a brief Viva Pinata addiction, and a WoW resurgence seem to have put an end to that. I finished Vesperia, but I don't think I'm done with it yet, still lots of stuff to do and I'm pretty close to the full 1000.
I'm stoked to be getting into some more old games, it's amazing how many unfinished games I have lying around...


slow going

Game completion progress has slowed to a crawl, thanks to Super Street Fighter and Battlefield BC2. 
I'm usually not one for competitive multiplayer... I have a hard time playing games with random dudes, like the whole thing is a little mini anxiety attack waiting to happen.
Add to that the fact that I am mediocre at best at FPS's and I always end up feeling like I'm ruining the game for my team or whatever... 
Anyway, my neurosis aside, I am having a fucking blast with BFBC2. This is the longest I've ever stuck with a game like this. The unlock thing is spaced out really well, I'm always close enough to the next goody or level that it's easy to justify playing another round.  I can live with being middle of the pack most of the time, because when lightning strikes and you have a really good round, it is pretty amazing.
Street Fighter is the same way. Back in the day, at the local 7-11 or whatever my friends and I would play SF2 all day. It's never really been like that again for me up until now. I hooked up with this little tournament group called ScrubSport and have been playing in monthly round-robin's. It's super fun... sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes he eats you, as they say, but all the people are really cool so far. Getting your ass handed to you doesn't sting quite as bad as it could, and I can actually see myself getting a little better. SSFIV knocks be back down the ladder though, I'm switching characters and it's been slow going so far. i've always been a Ryu / Ken man, but this time I'm going for Ibuki and Cody I think.


2010 Game copmpletion challenge marches on

20 Games in on my 2010 game finishing quest... I picked up a bunch of new stuff over the last couple weeks, but it's a lot of RPG's so it may be slow going for a while. 
It's also not helping that I've put almost as much time into Final Fantasy 13's game + mode (or whatever you want to call it) as I did for teh whole main ga,e. I only have a couple more C'ieth stones to go, but they are starting to get really hard and kind of BS. We'll see. I've a;so finally gotten somewhere in Dragon Age, so I'll be gunning for that one now.

2010 finished and S-Rank Challenge

Added a couple more games top the list;
Halo 3 ODST (360)
          Ran through ODST in co-op in a couple of quick sessions.  Kind of mediocre in my opinion... We did a lot of wandering around wondering where to go next, and the final climactic battle ended with us scouring the map for 5 minutes looking for a a final brute that got stuck way at the back.
Co-op was fun, that s honestly teh first time I've ever played Halo co-op... 
Civilization Revolution (360)
     S-Rank on this one... This game is great, I love it lots.
Defense Grid: The Awakening (PC / Steam)
     Not a big Tower defense fan,  but I had fun with this one, Still a couple of achievements left to go, so I may get back into it. It's easy to jump , play a map, then quit which makes it a nice in-between game. 
 Tales of  Monkey Island Ep. 1 - 5 (PC / Steam)
      So much fun! I'm a sucker for adventure games to begin with, and these scratched that itch nicely. My only complaint at all was the mouse-walking... that never seemed to work correctly for me. No biggie though,  just use the keyboard instead.  Highly recommended. I got that whole Telltale pack during the Steam holiday sale, so Sam and Max is next on the agenda.
    I really need to finish up Darksiders and Bayonetta... I also have a second play of Mass Effect to finish before ME2 comes out, don't want to be stuck with an unfinished save there.
Finished -  
Assasin's Creed 2 (PS3)
Modern Warfare 2  (PS3)
Halo 3 ODST  (360)
Defense Grid: The Awakening (360)
Tales of  Monkey Island Ep. 1 - 5 (PC / Steam)
Civilization Revolution (360)