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Fuck these guys. Fire everyone just before the sale so they get nothing, then hire them right back under a different deal. Yet another company that strives to function just on the edge of what is legal without a care in the world for the 150+ people and families they step on in the process. People work there ass off for start-ups trying to build them up, and that stock equity is the reward. Then you do some underhanded bullshit like this...

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It's kind of weird to shit on Microsoft's patching fees and policies after they gave you a free pass and the patch you released proceeded to destroy people's games. Whatever... it takes all kinds. I think games as a whole need more up front personalities, whether I find them personally likeable or not.

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@SHARKS_ZA said:

@Shadow: You are not the only one :)

The game was not perfect, but I really enjoyed it. I kinda felt that everybody jumped on the "Hate Too Human" bandwagon.

This. I ended up putting a dumb amount of time into that game, and having a blast. It felt like people wanted to hate Too Human before they even played it, based solely on the way everything played out leading up to it's release. The slightest hint of a flaw, and people jumped all over it.

On it's own, separate from all that internet BS, I think it's a fun little game... an interesting take on a Diablo-style loot whore game at the very least. Sure, it's got problems, but it's nowhere near the scapegoat for terrible games that it's become now.

I've always felt that a sequel would probably end up being fantastic, giving them a chance to refine the controls an interface.

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Radiant Silvergun is possibly the best STG of all time, been waiting for this forever! Time to start practicing the tap-dodge skills...
Considering the absolute cheapest copy of the Saturn version you can find will still run you $200,  $15 bucks is a goddamn steal.

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Is there any way to sort the view of your Lists?  Not the contents of a list, but the view of your set of lists.
I'd like to move the list I'm currently updating to the top, not for any real reason other than aesthetics, but it would be cool to be able to.

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If it was me I'd probably be happier finding greener pastures than working on a Call of Duty Jeep branded cart racer anyway.

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currently in heavy rotation,

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Man... that looks dope! I can't wait to see what they do with it

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Tacos. Lots and lots of  tacos. Maybe enough to fill the Staples Center

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If this game doesn't happen for realsies, there is something truly wrong with this world

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