Games I've started, but haven't finished since January 2011

A list of games I have started, but either have not finished yet or have no plans of finishing ever.

Hopefully some of this will help me keep track for some clean-up, or contain a record of games so shitty, even I wouldn't finish them

July Update-

This list is getting really long... Time to bear down and knock some of the ones I intend to finish out.

September Update -

Man... getting close to the end of the year, and there are a bunch of good games coming out still. I really need to start going back through and finishing the good games on this list before Skyrim comes out and finishes me for the rest of the year. It's not helping that I'm at the 75 hour mark on Persona 3 and the 25 hour mark on FF 13 with no end in sight...

A new year, and more games in the to do / never will do pile

List items