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A more open ended game that doesn't let its story get in the way of what it could be...

But that's not gonna happen. At least a world that isn't so lopsided. My God GTA V's world is so poorly designed. What made San Andreas so great to me was its world structure. Three cities with country evenly breaking them up.

In V I get to the top and have next to nothing to do and go back down to the city where almost everything else is. Not good.

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You're absolutely right and it bugs me that it seemingly doesn't bother anyone else. Actually, what really bugs me is the way this game is described as open-world. It's not, it's really not. It's there, as others have said, to offer you freedom of approach and it serves as nothing else.

It wouldn't make any sense for there to be anything else though and as a result all I want is more, if this game could have contrived more locales it would have gone a long, long way for me.

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This game should be next to 'Hyperbole' in the dictionary.

This is not an "Open-world masterpiece" or an "Open-world opus" nor does it "redefine(s) the notion of what open-world gameplay can be." if I may also quote Brad.

I don't know why people are fawning over this game so much, yeah the gameplay is solid, 60fps goes a long way and the Kojima presentation is still one of a kind, but other than that the game is kinda basic. Nothing about the game blows me away.

I play a lot of stealth games and this has been one of the smoothest, but that alone is not enough for me. I wish the game had deeper and more dynamic systems with more environments... But is that then a Metal Gear game? Is this a good fit anyway? Some think so, some don't. I'm undecided.

I played Peacewalker so the Motherbase and Fulton systems are not new to me. Maybe that's the problem. It's not that I haven't enjoyed the game or anything, I just don't get the hype.

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Err..Marie Rose and Honoka in the context of this game creeps me out. Their DOA Wiki pages state they are both 18 but that means fuck all in a western DOA release. On a Japanese poll though, it doesn't surprise me at all.

Also I'm dumbfounded that this is even happening

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I don't get it. I just don't get it. All this game is is a gateway drug to all the worst aspects of a bog standard MMO. Next thing you know Bungie will release an all new corridor for you to grind in so you can get a new superfluous re-textured item or something.

I think I would have had a better chance of liking this game if it was a hell of a lot bigger and more open. I think Bungie lucked out. I think they knew they didn't have enough of an actual game and enough people, miraculously, latched on to this 'new' grind fest experience like lab rats.

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I think this game is incredible, I can't get over the utterly baffling criticism. There's far too much detail and love put into it for that. They do such a great job of making a wasteland as interesting and varied as possible which ultimately does make a better game.

It being released same day as MGSV has not helped one bit. You may say MGSV is a better game overall but it is not a better open world game, not even close. I think people are drinking copious amounts of the Kool-Aid with that game.

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The negativity for this game is genuinely driving me crazy. To the point where I can't enjoy the game because around every corner I'm thinking "What are you people talking about!?"

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It seems like there is an assload of mythogy, story, even characters in Destiny - it's just all walled off in those stupid online-only grimoire cards. It's the weirdest thing in the world. I can't fathom why they decided to hide all of it like that.

It's baffling it's not in the game. Having to look up the lore and rewards on my phone instead of the game is crazy, tons of people are never going to see that stuff.

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This not-game's existence would offend me significantly less if the in-app purchases weren't so completely insane, I mean you can spend crazy amounts of money on static images that do nothing, NOTHING. And people are doing that...It's frightening.

What's worse is that this a re-skinned version of another game Glu make, that is only just slightly more of a game, because it makes you remember your "lines" for whatever dumb TV thing you're doing.

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Why does this shit always happen after I reacquaint myself with something? I just watched some old Gamespot videos I have lying around with Ryan and Justin in, YESTERDAY!

I'm really, really saddened by this news. I had no idea this had been happening.