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So Fireproof Games is gonna make a modern military shooter next? :-)

But in all seriousness, I wonder how one could even monetize a game like The Room to be free to play. Extra puzzle boxes? Maybe you buy each successive level of the box?

Moving a contraption costs energy, but it recharges slowly. You can pay to refill your energy but you can't progress to the next room/box for another 8 hours, but you can pay to speed that up too! Don't worry!

That's how. I'm sure there's a worse way than that.

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Ryan is still a big part of my life, I watch and listen to the videos and podcasts he's in daily and I'm not letting him rest because of it. This is what you've wrought, Ryan!

I can still remember the horrible sensation coursing through my entire body when I heard the news last year, It was the worst because I initially thought it was a joke until I scrolled down my twitter feed a little further. Still in complete denial hours after the fact, I think we were all desperate for a tasteless hoax...

Still miss you Ryan. Thanks for everything.

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@hadoken101 said:

HOLY SHIT! That's so great!! Please tell me he keeps it for awhile, don't screw this up for me WWE.

For his sake I hope he doesn't need it any longer, but I'm hoping that after people in the back see this, they know it needs to stay as a character affectation, if not just as superfluous entrance gear.

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Now THAT was E3. I died when they turned up, I knew it was coming but didn't believe it. Such a success and a failure, nothing about that conveys doing business...Well maybe it does because I'm sure that is some extra views.

Not as good Marky Mark's 'I Need Money' that's for sure. He should have asked Jeff & Alex to make his videoski.

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I've heard numerous complaints about the grappling/ground system and it kind of boggles my mind. It's not really any different then past games.

This is what I'm thinking, I played all the THQ games and this feels almost identical...I can't be crazy, do I have to go back to Undisputed 3?

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It still hurts...

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I have to say, I've never really liked Jeff as a host for anything, I find his humor a bit hokey without Ryan to bounce off of, then there's the trolling on top of that.

That said I still enjoyed some of the podcast segments. It depended on the guests and more specifically the amount of guests. The first day was great.

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Pretty much anything that's not Unprofessional Friday's.

So yeah, TNT, Random PC Game, Endurance Run (For the hell of it) Button Mashing as a joke answer is funny, but yeah, Button Mashing.

Something different every Friday, like it used to be. Two people play Pokemon Snap for two hours just for the sake of it, that's what I miss.

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@death_burnout: The site wouldn't exist?

Oh now that's just cynical.

In an ideal world, Whisky Media today would be amazing, still.

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@darthorange said:

@kristov_romanov said:
  • I was worried and bitchy when Whiskey Media broke up

All of these worked out well, in my opinion. I am now excited about Vinny's move.

I think they really do go from strength to strength.

No way. Site still hasn't been the same since then. :(

That was the peak, it's irrefutable.

Just imagine if that never happened and Whisky was still thing...