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Is it going to get released for the PC? im assuming it will

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I wouldnt be surprised if luchadeer did kill Mysterio...then again i saw him on TV the other day <_<

So can luchadeer shape shift into mysterio now?

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I dunno...i guess thats not really weird, but it is an interesting observation.

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Yeah i hope there is some awesome Brad facepalms over this topic, anyway i saw 3 of the pictures as one (the ones signed) shortly after that podcast and yeah, i thought it was funny anyway, mainly cause there was a Brad backstory to it, of somesort

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I Enjoy WWE now and again, but i do watch Raw every week, now and then they do something genuinely funny, and the wrestling quality really depends on who's in the match really, i gotta say, i do like watching like 30+ guys trading punches with each other at once, like this weeks Raw, everytime i see it, i just crack up! its hilarious sometimes.

As for Survivor Series, im pretty sure thats an actual pay-per-view in the UK, most of them are free over here, so i wont be watching it, i would like to though.

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Ha, i can agree with that.

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Dude awesome fries and Hot Dog's but no burgers? Count Me In!!

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Hahaha, can't say i've had one, can't say i want one either

i chose wisely master turkey!

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Well i tend to have both at the same time, but i always leave a few fries for the end, or sometimes the opposite, depends on my mood i guess

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Well, i can agree here on some levels, some women can be very hypocritical aswell, at the end of the day its often the males made to look bad, when sometimes they are far worse, and i do say sometimes.

Its true that you have try and see a genuine connection first, i always do, but still gets me damn nowhere, because one of the things i hate is when they can be so nice, and seem fully interested and form a great bond, but eventually just go for the typical arrogant "better" guy instead, thats a bad example but its still the same premise i suppose, and im not saying guys arent any better, but they've made it hard for us guys who aren't like that, cus theres still plenty of em out there keeping damn score sheets, and seeing who can fuck the most, morons.

Then again, women can truly be the most amazing thing in the world. Shame that everything comes in opposites i suppose...