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Yeah ok thanks Brad, i knew PC DLC is pretty much non-exsistant, so i had a feeling it wouldnt, but i thought perhaps this time it would be different, it sucks because i could really go for that new content!

Who knows, maybe months after this DLC released, they put it out on the PC for free. I highly doubt it.

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I dont want this to sound bad, but i almost wish valve/turtlerock was doing a mall campaign, not the modders.

But whatever, i'll take it, afterall, it wouldnt be The Crossroads Mall if it wasn't the modders. I hope they make it as much as the main game as possible, i dont like it when a modded map feels out of place.

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Really Eidos? Again? Awwww C'mon!!

I remember them forging review ad's for Kane & Lynch or something last year too, according to Kotaku anyway

That reminds me, next week is the anniversary of Gerstmann-gate, lets all get the balloons out...

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Is it going to get released for the PC? im assuming it will

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I wouldnt be surprised if luchadeer did kill Mysterio...then again i saw him on TV the other day <_<

So can luchadeer shape shift into mysterio now?

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I dunno...i guess thats not really weird, but it is an interesting observation.

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Yeah i hope there is some awesome Brad facepalms over this topic, anyway i saw 3 of the pictures as one (the ones signed) shortly after that podcast and yeah, i thought it was funny anyway, mainly cause there was a Brad backstory to it, of somesort

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I Enjoy WWE now and again, but i do watch Raw every week, now and then they do something genuinely funny, and the wrestling quality really depends on who's in the match really, i gotta say, i do like watching like 30+ guys trading punches with each other at once, like this weeks Raw, everytime i see it, i just crack up! its hilarious sometimes.

As for Survivor Series, im pretty sure thats an actual pay-per-view in the UK, most of them are free over here, so i wont be watching it, i would like to though.

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Ha, i can agree with that.

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Dude awesome fries and Hot Dog's but no burgers? Count Me In!!