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HazBazz said:
"No. This is best suicide ever:

  1. Make noose out of razor wire
  2. Get chair, step into noose
  3. Glue hands to head (making sure the noose only goes round your neck, avoiding your arms)
  4. Kick away chair,
  5. Noose will chop off head
  6. End result: looks like you ripped your own head off.
Hahaha thats pretty funny, as gruesome as it is, its awesome, totally reminds me of MK's Hara Kiri's

As for the other guy, dude, what an arse, im sorry, if your gunna do it, please think of the cleaners! sheesh, or at least realise theres a better way to solve that problem. actually that story reminds me that chainsaws are in my opinion one of the scariest things ever created.

Or perhaps it was a set up, i dunno.
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Yeah ok thanks Brad, i knew PC DLC is pretty much non-exsistant, so i had a feeling it wouldnt, but i thought perhaps this time it would be different, it sucks because i could really go for that new content!

Who knows, maybe months after this DLC released, they put it out on the PC for free. I highly doubt it.

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I dont want this to sound bad, but i almost wish valve/turtlerock was doing a mall campaign, not the modders.

But whatever, i'll take it, afterall, it wouldnt be The Crossroads Mall if it wasn't the modders. I hope they make it as much as the main game as possible, i dont like it when a modded map feels out of place.

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Really Eidos? Again? Awwww C'mon!!

I remember them forging review ad's for Kane & Lynch or something last year too, according to Kotaku anyway

That reminds me, next week is the anniversary of Gerstmann-gate, lets all get the balloons out...

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Is it going to get released for the PC? im assuming it will

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I wouldnt be surprised if luchadeer did kill Mysterio...then again i saw him on TV the other day <_<

So can luchadeer shape shift into mysterio now?

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I dunno...i guess thats not really weird, but it is an interesting observation.

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Yeah i hope there is some awesome Brad facepalms over this topic, anyway i saw 3 of the pictures as one (the ones signed) shortly after that podcast and yeah, i thought it was funny anyway, mainly cause there was a Brad backstory to it, of somesort

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I Enjoy WWE now and again, but i do watch Raw every week, now and then they do something genuinely funny, and the wrestling quality really depends on who's in the match really, i gotta say, i do like watching like 30+ guys trading punches with each other at once, like this weeks Raw, everytime i see it, i just crack up! its hilarious sometimes.

As for Survivor Series, im pretty sure thats an actual pay-per-view in the UK, most of them are free over here, so i wont be watching it, i would like to though.

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Ha, i can agree with that.