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err yeah hard to notice in the first place? lol

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Well...all i know is, is that i've always prefered PC shooters due to the keyboard and mouse, plus closer intimate vision. Of the very few online games i've played, or tried to play, on the PC, no one had mic's...thats a good thing personally, because it would get annoying and take away from the atmosphere for me, besides they give you plenty commands and responses in the first place.

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What you expect? no offense to those guys but they aint that good at anything really >_> Ok thats a little harsh

Expert is fun, but hard. all the other difficulties are too easy IMO

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dude i feel your pain!

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Hahaha funny thread, that 800 star vinny review picture was funny, and those female stars, well, Snide stole the words outta my mouth.

I personally would like half stars but only because i find the 3 stars rating to be too middle ground, too "shrugging shoulders" if you like.

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That Chris Watters is going down! just for standin in front of that

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Thats a good analogy there Jeff.

I dont get why people race like that, its pretty sad, dude, savor it you morons!!!

I was thinking of getting this today, but then i realised if i bought it now i still wouldnt be fully ready to go to Northrend

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Yeah some real CS:S in there, you can tell its Turtlerock without a doubt

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The only thing that bums me? That awesome limited Brad shirt will be gone before i get the chance to order stuff myself.

Other than that though, Top Stuff!!!

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Oh shit i forgot to say, i was thinking of pre-purchasing it on steam, that would be my first time doing that...but i'd mainly do it so i could get the game earlier than i can where i live