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Oh shit i forgot to say, i was thinking of pre-purchasing it on steam, that would be my first time doing that...but i'd mainly do it so i could get the game earlier than i can where i live

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I thought i might as well give my thoughts on the L4D demo, instead of say to myself, "i'll do it later"

But i'll keep this as short and sweet as i possibly can because for the people who really know me, i never shut up, so here it goes...


You see what i did there? anyway, popular internet phrases aside, i fucking love Left 4 Dead, and not that i thought i wouldnt be impressed, because i really liked the concept of the game years back, i remember when the characters, 2 in particular, looked really different, and my memory doesnt serve me well here, but i remember them looking even more different, i could be wrong.

The thing i love it the most? i've never felt more convinced by Zombies in a video game, motion capture goes hell of a long way for crossing the uncanny valley, it feels almost real, and with the, somewhat annoyingly termed "AI Director" changing the game around each time you play, its extremely addictive, can't count how many times i've played the demo...on the PC

Im still kinda a PC fanboy jerk, so, forgive me, but ever since my new powerhouse of a PC i've gone back to PC gaming, my old PC sucked so hard, following the PC bandwagon was difficult.

Plus, call me crazy, but i've stuck to playing it on singleplayer...reason being is because i like to go at it at my own pace, with other random dudes i imagine it would ruin the pacing, plus you never know what nobheads you'll meet, Unless they are my buds...i dont have any of those so im kinda screwed. Then again, i've never liked multiplayer unless its Counter Strike...hmmm, see the contradictory connection?

SO! overall i love it, its not perfect, but i love it, and the best part, it doesnt "scare" me like survival horror games might, its nice to have a horror first person shooter that doesnt quite play like a typical horror game, plus i love me some zombie apocalypse, i know one Rich Gallup probably wouldn't feel the same way.

Damn, that was not short and sweet....if you've made it this far...Good Job!!!! have some complimentary Will Smith.

"I Also Like Left 4 Dead, In Fact, Im Playing It Right Now, With My Eyes Off The Screen, Youknowwhatimsayin?
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Woo Hoo!! KUF II

More awesome than i was expecting.

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Well i only make original "platformer" levels (ones that dont require precise jumps) juicy juice!

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Dude i know...well...they've trapped me anyway, im only above lvl 30 (34) so to hear i can have a mount AND lvl up faster is great, even though i'll miss some things. but im so lagging behind everyone else, and have done for so long due to lack of interest, that i dont really care.

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Pffft whatever....this is probably my game of the year! i prefer single player, i'd rather do that than play with 3 other randoms, if it was people i know, even better.

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Well i wouldn't have it any other way, otherwise no excuse for the break music, plus im sure its the mic, it can't take all that awesome pressure.

I wouldnt be surprised if that music just suddenly emmits from Brad while he's on his way to the toilet, slowly skipping along, with a smile on his face!


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I had to choose love, after lucien said he killed my damn family i was outraged! so there was no way i was letting them and my dog i didnt want more pesky autographs :P

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yeah i interpreted it more than death, since thats what you gett back, family, so whatever.

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Yeah the Map really isnt good at all, a map that i could move around and zoom to see regions would make the world feel i guess.