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Glad to see people who like handguns in games! i always feel they are over shadowed by, well, you know, "everyones favourites" i love it when they get some spotlight, since they are my favourite type of firearm, revolvers specifically.

As for whats the definitive one in games? thats tough...

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:O !!!!! YAY!!

Huge Dwarf Fan Here, thats bloody awesome. Hopefully a lot of series 1 and 2 references in it maybe? for some fan service? pweeeease >_<

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It crashed on me after a while of not saving, right after a mission, i was annoyed lol (EU version)

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Pibo47 said:
"Why did you do it? Dope? Revenge? I did it for the dope."
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Yeah i dont get this whole pro-new theme institution, i mean its good but its not THAT good, and besides it would not fit in with the regular non-Japanese podcasts. I'm for regular version

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I followed this thread from the beginning and slowly the pics just got more...less funny i guess :/

Bar a few i'd say

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Awesome! they're back, Thanks Ryan!!

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Im Terribly sorry to bump this old thread, but yeah i would like to see this episode finally up on the official bombcast page, i wonder why its not...

Edit: I noticed 04-08-2008 is missing too

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Player1 said:
"The reason why you are mad is the exact reason I love the podcast. I love when they go back to old jokes, I find it hilarious. Also love how they are always making new ones. "

This exactly