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Pretty much anything that's not Unprofessional Friday's.

So yeah, TNT, Random PC Game, Endurance Run (For the hell of it) Button Mashing as a joke answer is funny, but yeah, Button Mashing.

Something different every Friday, like it used to be. Two people play Pokemon Snap for two hours just for the sake of it, that's what I miss.

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@death_burnout: The site wouldn't exist?

Oh now that's just cynical.

In an ideal world, Whisky Media today would be amazing, still.

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@darthorange said:

@kristov_romanov said:
  • I was worried and bitchy when Whiskey Media broke up

All of these worked out well, in my opinion. I am now excited about Vinny's move.

I think they really do go from strength to strength.

No way. Site still hasn't been the same since then. :(

That was the peak, it's irrefutable.

Just imagine if that never happened and Whisky was still thing...

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This, exactly. I'm not trying to be rude to the other guys, and I absolutely understand that it's Vinny putting his family first (and I respect his decision to do so), but this move essentially kills the site for me. I've been trending towards it for a year or two now, but this is the final unfortunate nail in the coffin: I am no longer interested in Giant Bomb's content. It's a really fucking sad realization for a website that's been the most important to me since 2008. I used to spend all of my free time here, even choosing to watch them play games instead of playing them myself. GB was my stress-relieving unwind during my four years of college. This is just really fucking depressing news.

Exactly how I feel

If Giantbomb wasn't dead to me before, it is now. Sorry I can't find the silver lining in this news and it is extremely rude of me, but Vinny was the last ounce of lifeblood left. Now 'GiantBomb West' is set to be the most boring thing ever.

It's obvious why they're hiring now, but hiring regular users could be a huge detriment, you really need to hire professionals who are Sean Coonce levels of likable because the west coast is doomed otherwise.

I really don't enjoy Patrick's home content either so I'm out of luck if that's all Vinny will be doing.

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@ichthy said:

I still remember him from way back when he would write in to the Hot Spot. Crazy.

I think we may be the only two.

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This is misery.

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Here you go

I don't know if it's on youtube but here is the Twitch upload. You'll have to contend with the horrible quality though, for whatever reason, all the old archives which once ran smoothly now run choppy. It happened ever since Twitch added quality options to their new videos and the old ones got boned...

Edit: Oh and it's the 2010 show, which was the first one, if you're after the 2011 show (second one) it's in the features section.

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Regardless of a subscription you really, really don't have to make full commitment to this game, to a lot of MMO's these days actually. This game is very easy to drop in and play an hour or two because it is so streamlined, and that's not a detriment.

That's actually what pissed me off about that bone-headed Quick Look, one minute they berated ESO for once being a generic MMO then made cynical remarks for it trying to do something different.

In my mind, if anyone was sitting there in 2014 expecting a massively multiplayer Skyrim to a tee, then there is no helping them. For where we are in online gaming and considering this was in development for a long time, it's pretty good. I just don't enjoy the swarms of people playing it, but that will die down eventually.

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Oh I don't doubt. I don't even know why I'm watching it...

Rorie can really be... something.

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Woof, what a go-home show... Other than both main event segments, which were fucking stellar! That was a rough Raw. They need to stop putting the crowd though so many hours of wrestling because they were DEAD for so long.

Loved Triple H over selling at the end like crazy. That avalanche-burial spectacular of a video package was amazing, but I ain't gonna lie, I used to think Triple H was fucking cool so that video worked me over doubly so.