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I really like it, as somewhat of an ES die-hard I'm thrilled that they have captured atmosphere and look perfectly. Just seeing Sheogorath makes me giddy. You could go back and see that I was furious when this was first announced and I have turned a full 180 since then.

Honestly the only thing I don't like about it other than poor animation quality, is that other people are playing it. Like that is straight up still the principle issue: Other people in your Elder Scrolls game = No good. I can ignore it enough in the open world but in public dungeons? Christ almighty...

It's a shame other people are sparing no expense to shit all over it regardless of what it's like though, but hey, that was me initially.

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For the record they were working last night, so it's very recent but yeah, not working.

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In Dave's defense, he was told that Punk would be back from a trusted source who in turn now claims he was lied to. He never said he agreed 100% or anything, he said he at least expected him there and "we'll see..."

Some of the flak he's been getting is real dumb, a lot of whiny Punk fans out there it turns out...I'm so fed up with this though, I can excuse Chicago entirely but everyone else; SHUT UP.

Who wants a bored, tired and injured CM Punk anyway?

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Watching the 2012 Raw stuff on the WWE Network because it's all stuff I haven't seen, and holy SHIT this Cena/Kane feud. I'm laughing so much. I'm supposed to be laughing, right? I did very much enjoy Kane trying to drag Zack Ryder to Hell (aka under the ring, where Hell has always existed in WWE).

Also, heel Michael Cole is fucking insufferable. Christ.


I liked heel Cole during the original bad NXT, he was amazing. Cole would make an incredible heel manager instead of an announcer, for real.

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Since I had absolutely no faith in the game to begin with I can't say I'm upset, I just hope Thief will see the light of day again and not be buried for another decade.

Then again nothing will ever surpass the original two games for me, fans would have to get together to make another fan-expansion with the original Dark Engine for me to be excited.

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I feel there is simply too much complacency in what GiantBomb is producing now. UPF has pretty much drained GB of all creativity and has robbed us of great features that could have been, like Random PC Game for example. If it weren't for UPF we could have had dedicated Random PC Game features for those awful FMV games. Remember Phantasmagoria?

For a while, Friday used to be a day for a members-only stream that could have been anything! 'Pokemon Snap and Friends' springs to mind, but now it's predictable; Drew plays a sim, Vinny goofs with an early access game, everyone yawns and then 30 minutes of an indie multiplayer game. That could be any UPF I just made up and that is depressing.

I've been thinking of doing a blog feature revisiting old GiantBomb videos and features, like a 'best of...' feature. I think people need to be reminded of what was, and I think new GB users could use a guide of what's a 'must watch' in the now massive library of dumb video content, even some obscurities.

The only thing I've really enjoyed so far in 2014 is Brad playing Demon's Souls and that is saying something.

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So good it makes me misty-eyed. This is a perfect tribute, good that you found the time somewhere eventually, completely worth it.

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If it means things wouldn't be so consistently bland and dare I say, boring, then yes.

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Sure they could do, but I don't think I'll be watching or reading. They're not the best when it comes to covering the Action-RPG genre, they are complex beasts that even I have never really fully understood at the deepest level. I can just imagine Brad in the QL not understanding how any of it works, y'know, like a QL.

Besides, been playing since closed beta, made my mind up already!

@stete said:

Review? No, its a free to play game, how the hell you review that?

Pretty easily actually.

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