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Im glad i am somehow, for reasons UNKNOWN to me, completely not tired at all and able to catch this at 4 AM like i used to be able to.

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@MjHealy said:
" I will buy this game just to take pride in the fact that I am putting food on Rich Gallup's table. "

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@fwylo said:
" Dragon Age: Red Faction: X-Men: Origins...2  X-Dragon Faction: Origins "
Dude i'd watch that. TRULY!
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My mind is struggling with the concept of the cancelation of a video

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I'm gunna have to decline because i know i ain't gunna get in, and the way the server has been all these hours...yeah, not cool.

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@Joker369 said:
" @EternalDarkWing said:
" I can only expect a full server the entire time. "
i hope they clear the server once in a while so others can play "
They will be, check some more comments.
Im actually a little afraid to join the server.
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The best of the rest is far more simpler than you think, i was trying to go for super obscure jokey answers about games that are "extreme" but are retarded instead, but alas no, its just other extreme sport types.

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The first one really did come and go with a thud didn't it? it acutally bums me out and im still butthurt over the fact that it wasn't the game Will Wright talked about all those years ago.
Though i still enjoy the randomness of the space stage even today, could have been so much more. Not sure what to think about this though! i like my Action RPG's but what the hell is a Spore Action RPG.

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Trust you Kessler to put a spotlight on this.
Also, not to be too much of a scrooge...but the whole <> thing is getting old real real fast, i just hope people tone it down so it doesn't become a new 8.8 or something, please keep it fresh. Having it on the front is both clever...and extremely painful.

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Multiplayer this, multiplayer that...ahhh i dunno, i enjoyed the multiplayer i guess, i always thought it was lacking so...who knows.
But zombies? my faith in RDR has suddenly diminished