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@blaze503 said:
" when did brad get a mustache? "
Quite a long while ago! all via twitter
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@Rebirth1337 said:
" I never used an AD blocker I guess I became immune to AD's or something I just don't seem to notice them anymore. Anyway I hope the move goes well and I'm looking forward to seeing a Video tour of the new place :D. "
same, totally same.
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New office looks sick!

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Shame 'cus i love Stoked, and that version aint out over here. Ah whatever i aint NTSC anyways.

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GOD DAMNIT! i was looking forward to it being released before i had to go back to college and work. Ah whatever i wasnt that excited for it, im more skeptical than anything else.

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599 US Dollars, Whoops!

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@Callik: Thats kinda funny because Crackdown 1 was the first game to ever give me a RROD way back when. Something tells me not play this demo any further.
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Aw hell no this ain't the Crackdown i know and love, as bat shit crazy that is's almost identical, they took Crackdown 1 and turned into something i dont like. 
Small things like floating weapons, and crates smashing into little pieces or even dust don't help, under no circumstances should a crate in Crackdown do that! it should break into relative pieces that i can use as a weapon. Plus the agency voice, good ol' Michael McConnohie, sounds way too exaggerated this time. Well i guess it fits the action on screen i suppose.
I dunno, perhaps im being too critical, but i loved the first one so much? kinda cant help it. it's just kinda bland all over the place, you dont look so good either, camera's a little too far for my liking, i am being so nit picky.

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@immike: I'm about to play it after this last 10% of dying to see how it is!
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@cikame said:
" Interested to see what GB think of Crackdown 2, i played the demo and it's pretty terrible.  For reference, i love Crackdown 1. "
I think that the general consensus for Crackdown 2 will be bad, i have yet to play the demo, and i will, but from what i've seen...i think it could be terrible, or at least, depressing and-or disappointing, i love the first one too.