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Gotta say, Jack is growing on me, but nothing can replace the hole in my heart with John.

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@Kahoona said:

" I think they should have made the story carry on longer when you play as Jack allowing you to actually latch on to him more. "

Definitely, perhaps they will do a DLC episode doing that...the remember my family mission was slowly doing that i thought, but it was over quick.
Edit: on second thought probably not...i dont think you could show that publicly without spoiling it for people.
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The thing that really bothers me about it all is that the person who spoiled the game for me on another forum was actually right, but i convinced myself it wasn't true because the concept of playing as his son was so crazy to me. When it happened i was so so so shocked, yeah his death hit me hard too...after all i had been through as John, so heartbreaking.
I gotta give em credit for doing it, it is very bold, and it was extremely well done and extremely powerful. But it comes at a price because, i also really hate Jack of what i have played of him so far, that voice is so annoying to me, i suppose i could Fallout 3 or Saints Row it and just load it up and not die, but it don't feel right to me

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God damnit Kessler...

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Another Rorie inside joke! you guys are slaying me.

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Haha i hate to say it, but im kinda glad you got the wrong burger, because it made it damn funny, in the most affectionate way.
It reminds me when i asked for a bacon double at BK...and got a whopper instead....How do you make that mistake!? holy shit.

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@Olivaw said:  
 @Stinky51012 said:

" Seeing as Painkiller was one of THE WORST games I've ever played, I"m skeptical "

  You're thinking of Painkiller: Overdose, or Painkiller: Resurrection or whatever the fuck. Those were developed by glorified mod teams who couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag.
The original Painkiller was a thing of beauty in it's level and weapon design. It had a rocket launcher that was also a minigun. "
Yeah how the fuck could you not like the original Painkiller, that HAS to be what they meant, i hope.
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@Relys: Yeah, i loved WaW's multiplayer, on its own two feet, it was awesome.
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On one hand im kinda glad because i dont care enough for Halo Reach, but on the other im sad that i still have never won anything on random.

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It's on thursday at 4pm/12am, it's live and it's abreviated to three letters...AM I DREAMING!?