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So good it makes me misty-eyed. This is a perfect tribute, good that you found the time somewhere eventually, completely worth it.

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If it means things wouldn't be so consistently bland and dare I say, boring, then yes.

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Sure they could do, but I don't think I'll be watching or reading. They're not the best when it comes to covering the Action-RPG genre, they are complex beasts that even I have never really fully understood at the deepest level. I can just imagine Brad in the QL not understanding how any of it works, y'know, like a QL.

Besides, been playing since closed beta, made my mind up already!

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Review? No, its a free to play game, how the hell you review that?

Pretty easily actually.

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I would have done if my PS3 didn't make even MORE noise, it's an 07 machine. I suppose it could be worse...

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Well my day's ruined...or will it be my ears?

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I don't know, seems like a bigger and better version of IV's multiplayer, not sure why some people are going that crazy over it. I mean I really cannot wait for V, the reaction the multiplayer video is getting is the same reaction I had to the singleplayer video...

I guess people wan't a GTA MMO-like a lot more than I do, but whenever I think about that all I can remember is the awful time I had in both IV and Red Dead's free roam multiplayer. I guess we'll see how well they handle the griefing aspect. Although, the amount of griefing possible in GTA is incredibly varied and interesting, so maybe that will work in it's favour.

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Well I support this action. I've always liked Phil and Fez was my GotY last year, it makes me sad but nowhere near as sad as I am with this industry and its consumers. I've always thought if I was a community manager for a developer I would never have the patience for it, but it would be even worse to get that much abuse directly, for making what you want to make, even!

In the end this is just telling of what toll internet abuse can take. It shouldn't be taken lightly.

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I do this on a regular basis, and I was there from the start. It is I who is nuts.

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We've all been hit by a brick by this. I'm heartbroken and shocked, I loved you Ryan, for everything you did and all the laughs you gave me through the tough times. I need to cry now.